Benefits of Solar Power | Reducing your Carbon Footprint #WinSolar

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There are many benefits of solar power but reducing your carbon footprint is probably the one that stands out the most for me. Years ago, Marty and I looked into ways we could reduce our carbon footprint. We wanted to make choices that were lighter on our planet. We were concerned with how our choices impacted the world around us. After all, this is really the only home we have. If we mess up the Earth, what do we do then?

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Benefits of Solar Power | Reducing your Carbon Footprint

Benefits of Solar Power | Reducing your Carbon Footprint

Your carbon footprint is basically how much “nature” your lifestyle requires. It’s how many resources and how much damage your choices make on our world. Just some of the things that are taken into consideration are your purchasing decisions, how much energy you use, how many cars you own, what type of food choices you make, the size of your home, etc.  Basically, the less you consume, the smaller your carbon footprint will be.

Just one of the ways of reducing your carbon footprint is by switching to solar power.  There are a lot of benefits of solar power including savings on your utility bills. The less traditional energy resources you use, the smaller your carbon footprint will be. Check with the local, state and federal government to see if you are eligible for a tax credit for installing solar power. You may also be eligible for net energy metering depending on your location.

Benefits of Solar Power | Reducing your Carbon Footprint

One of the biggest reasons that Marty and I looked into solar power is that there are no outages. Here in rural Vermont, when we lose power, we lose heat and water as well as electricity. It gets very cold, very quickly inside when it’s 26 below zero and you have no heat. Solar power would help alleviate some of that worry. Solar energy is proven and reliable and solar panels generally last for about 25 years with little or no maintenance.

SunPower solar panels are some of the most efficient solar panels on the market. That means that you will need fewer panels than with other brands. This means that you’ll see more savings over time than with other types of solar panels. This is not only great for saving money but also for those people with smaller homes. The smaller your home, the less square footage on your roof to install solar panels.

If you’re interested in solar power and live in California,New York, Colorado, Hawaii or Arizona, SunPower has a giveaway going on right now. ONE Grand Prize Winner will win a 3kW solar power system (including installation) for his/her home. The Grand Prize is valued at $16,500!!! Sweepstakes eligibility is limited to those who own a solar-suitable home within the state of California, New York, Hawaii, Arizona, or Colorado. Enter the giveaway today.

As Marty and I work towards becoming more self sufficient, finding a workable solar solution is definitely on our list of things to do. Right now, we are using our solar oven in the summer so that is one step closer to our goal.

Have you considered the benefits of solar power?

Benefits of Solar Power | Reducing your Carbon Footprint


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  1. I was talking to someone the other day about the cost of solar at my house. I am not sure it would be cost effective where I live though.
  2. I love the idea of switching to solar power! We try very hard to keep our electricity use down but it is tough with 3 kids. This would be a great option!
  3. I keep seeing new discoveries being made in solar power generation. Hopefully someday it'll be so affordable that no one will use fossil fuels at all!

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