Belize Inspired Valentines Day Menu

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A Belize inspired Valentines Day menu is about as close as I will get to Belize.  Someday I would love to visit.  Belize is a country located on the northeastern coast of Central America that is known for the variety of cultures it includes like the Maya, British, Mestizo, Creole, Chinese, Lebanese, and Garifuna.

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Belize Inspired Valentines Day Menu to Make at Home

Belize inspired Valentines Day Menu

If you’d like to enjoy the tastes of Belize at home, I thought I’d share a Belize inspired Valentines Day menu with you.  You can create every dish on the menu or choose one or two that you think your sweetheart (or family) would most enjoy trying.

To print out the recipes for each of these Belize dishes, click on the link below each picture.  This will download the recipe to your computer and allow you to print it. The files are in either PDF form or Microsoft Word.

Belize inspired Valentines Day menu

Appetizer: Garnaches

Belize inspired Valentine's Day menu

Main Dish: Escabeche

Belize inspired Valentines Day menu

Side Dish: Coconut White Rice

Belize inspired Valentines Day menu

Sauce: Hot Pepper Onion Sauce

Belize inspired Valentines Day menu

Dessert: Banana Flambe

If you’re interested in more Belize recipes, I recommend the Flavors of Belize cookbook! Given the fact that Belize is located in Central America,  it only makes sense that many of their recipes have a Caribbean or tropical feel to them.  Many feature seafood although there are quite a few that use chicken and other meats as well.  I especially love the fact that so many recipes include tropical fruits.

Being from Vermont, tropical fruits are something I treat myself to whenever I can. I love that they are included in not only the dessert recipes but also in many of the main dish recipes as well.  Doesn’t coconut rice sound yummy to you? I know it sounds like something I’d love to enjoy. Will you be trying any of these recipes for Valentine’s Day?

Information provided by Flavors of Belize. Check out my Flavors of Belize cookbook review.

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