How to Adjust to Lifestyle Changes More Easily

Last Updated on September 12, 2020 by Ellen Christian

While my routines help me be productive, I have to learn how to adjust to lifestyle changes more easily. I’m not an overly flexible person. Sticking to the same routine each day makes me feel more secure and helps me get more done. If you ask me what I’ll be doing on Tuesday at 2 PM, three weeks from now, I can probably tell you, and I’m good with that.  Thank you to Life Reimagined for sponsoring this conversation today.

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How to Adjust to Lifestyle Changes More Easily

How to Adjust to Lifestyle Changes

Last year in October, my son decided to move out and move in with his fiancee’s family about an hour away. I knew one of the kids would move out eventually, but I expected it would be my 23-year-old daughter and not my 18-year-old son.  We had just gotten used to having my daughter’s boyfriend move in with us after returning from the army. Then, we were just getting used to NOT having my son here, when a few weeks ago he and his fiancee moved back in with us. As much as I love having everyone here with me, it’s causing a lot of changes to my routines, and I’m trying to be as flexible as possible.

Remember it’s not forever

In the scheme of life, even long-term changes are not forever. Try to keep in mind that no matter how chaotic things are right now, eventually things will slow down. I’m trying to enjoy the kids being home while I can. I know that eventually, they will all move out on their own, and I’ll miss them a lot.

Look for the positives

While the chaos is not a positive, having more time to spend with the kids is. I’m trying to get to know them as adults, instead of thinking of them as children just because they have moved back home. It’s not easy. This one is a challenge for me to handle.

How to Adjust to Lifestyle Changes More Easily

Get help with a new outlook

Sometimes, you just need a fresh perspective. If you feel like you’re stuck and aren’t able to change your attitude toward lifestyle changes, there’s nothing wrong with asking for help. I’ve been using a few of the tools on the Life Reimagined website to gain a different perspective about what I want.

An online, subscription-based service, Life Reimagined helps millions of Americans explore, dream, and plan for what’s next in life. Fueled by a coalition of experts who are on the cutting edge of their fields, the personalized platform provides a place where people can go to discover what is meaningful to them, navigate life’s crossroads, and find new possibilities. It’s able to connect to users via multiple touch points, to keep you constantly inspired along your path.

How to Adjust to Lifestyle Changes More Easily

My thoughts so far:

Life Reimagined has a bunch of different helpful tools available.  I went through and answered a few simple questions about what my gifts and passions were, what I enjoyed doing, and what was important to me. It created a LifeMap that helped me visualize what my goals were. With a subscription, I can make an appointment with a life coach to get personalized recommendations and suggestions. Depending on your location, there may also be live group sessions available for you to attend.  There are also some articles and tips that you can read online.

I’ll be using these tools over the next thirty days to get a better focus on what’s important to me and how to manage some of these lifestyle changes that are happening in my life. I’m looking forward to chatting with one of their life coaches to see what they suggest. I’ve already started checking out some of the articles and enjoyed the ones on finding balance and training for stress relief.

Do you have problems learning to adjust to lifestyle changes?

13 thoughts on “How to Adjust to Lifestyle Changes More Easily”

  1. I have a few more years before I have to face this since my oldest is 10, however we may ended up having to help my in-laws more as time goes on or even my parents. Things are always changing.
  2. Nice post. I do remember a book being called this and wondering if it's tied together. That was a great book. Change is hard, and the older we get the harder it is. I raise my grandson and let me tell you about change!!!
  3. I always think that I am good with change, and then my anxiety kicks in full speed. I love the idea of the Life Reimagined website. Sounds very interesting!
  4. I'm a real stuck-in-a-rut person, I'm like you in that I feel more secure with routine. You have a lot going on there, a big family of mini-kinda-sort-of adults that is complicated, as you note you can't boss them like little children, yet they aren't mature adults. I doubt you can get a new routine with all this going on!!! but you have a good heart to have the whole gang with you.
  5. I love how you say to look for the positives and seek a new outlook. The only lifestyle change I have going on is that my soon to be five year old is at a new school and starts at 7 am. He is also starting soccer. My positive with school is five hours of alone time with my soon to be 2 year old. We have also started to exercise more. I know with school life style changes happen each year. Yay something to look forward to.
    • Hi, Sharon - There really are so many changes that happen because our children grow up. It can be hard to adjust - whether it's starting school or moving out. It's always new!

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