How to Achieve Your Business and Personal Goals

Last Updated on September 23, 2020 by Ellen Christian

Goals. We all have them whether they are written down on a list or just in the back of our mind each day. Some of them are personal like lose ten pounds or drink more water. Some of them are business related like learn a new skill or get that promotion at work. On my recent trip to Maine, I spent a lot of time really thinking about my goals. I remember just sitting on the rocks on the beach and looking out over the water and visualizing what I wanted and how I was going to get there. This post has been sponsored but the story is my own.

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How to Achieve Your Business and Personal Goals

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How to Achieve Your Business and Personal Goals

If you’re like me, you have lots of goals, but you’re not that great at achieving them consistently. I’m very good at making them and following them, at least for a few days, but then I lose steam and get distracted by something else.  Here are a few ways that I’m working on achieving my goals this year:

  • Journalling. Writing down your goals, thoughts, and progress in a journal can help keep you on track and motivated. Writing down your goal is the very first step in making it happen. Be sure your goal is challenging but realistic. Try to write it in a positive way rather than in a negative way.
  • Vision Board. Create a vision board and use it as a visual reminder of what you hope to achieve. Pin words, phrases, photographs and artwork to the board to remind you of your goals. Then, place the vision board somewhere where you’ll see it every day. Set it near your desk or right beside the coffee pot in the kitchen.
  • Visualize Your Goals. Some people believe that if you see yourself reaching your goals in your mind, it will be easier to achieve the goal. Ask yourself how your life will be better once you’ve achieved the goal and use that as motivation.
  • Recruit Your Friends to Help. Share your goals with a few close friends and then ask them to help keep you motivated to achieve them. Check in with each other regularly and create a support network to achieve your business and personal goals together.
  • Learn Your Strengths and Weaknesses. We all have different skills to draw on. What works for a friend who is trying to achieve a similar goal may not work for you. Figuring out what your strengths and weaknesses are can give you the knowledge to be successful in achieving your goals.

I just took the Concordia University Functioning Above Entry Level course online to learn more about how to achieve my own goals. This online course includes an introduction and three core lessons made up of short essays, videos, worksheets, and interactive polls. This course is taken from their one year, totally online Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership and Administration.

Just a few of the topics that this free course addressed are:

  • Internal forces such as personality, emotions, and biological factors
  • External focus such as society, workplace, and education
  • Developing emotional intelligence for personal growth and strong relationships
  • Developing social intelligence to navigate complex relationships and environments

This class is 100% free and available online. It’s delivered right to your inbox and takes about 1 week and 3 – 4 hours to complete. You can complete it as you have time. There is no deadline that you have to meet.  This course will really help you understand your personal strengths and give you the confidence you need to move forward and achieve your goals whether they are business or personal.

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10 thoughts on “How to Achieve Your Business and Personal Goals”

  1. I find it helpful to work on your goals backwards. Set milestones that you need to make to achieve the final goal and work on those.
  2. Great ideas! I have a dear friend who actually used a vision board to pay off some of her debts. I worked really good for her. Thanks so much for giving me a goal achieving boost!
  3. What a great list. Many of them I need to take heed of. Sometimes I feel like I set too high of goals and when I cannot accomplishment I feel like a failure. 
  4. Sounds like a great class and very flexible... can complete it as you have time and no deadline that you have to meet. So many great ideas especially for people who need ways to help them be accountable.
  5. This is such a great attainable goal. Knowing more about ourselves will lead us to know what and where we are going. I also love the idea of teaming up with a few bloggers. I already do this and have left many that just suck your time. Thank you for really helpful information. I will be checking out this class.

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