5 Healthy Dipping Options at Parties

Tis the season for holiday parties and holiday parties mean holiday eating. No matter how healthy I try to be, I find myself tempted by the snacks and hors d’oeuvres that seem to call my name at every party I attend. Staying on track with healthy eating during the holidays can be a challenge even if you normally have tons of willpower.  I try very hard to stay away from cakes, cookies and candies because I know that these are probably the least healthy options at holiday parties.

5 Healthy Dipping Options

My first choice at parties is almost always some sort of not messy finger food. Have you ever tried to make the rounds at a party while balancing a plate, napkin, fork, bag and glass? It doesn’t work for me and I inevitably end up dropping something. To solve this problem, I choose foods that are not messy and do not require a fork.  That’s one less thing I’m going to drop on the floor. I love adding a spoonful of dip to my plate and some veggies or snack foods to dip.  I was sent a Hostess Kit by New York Style for a feature on my site and have been sharing these at parties and get togethers with a variety of healthy dipping options.

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Healthy dipping options

Here are my top 5 healthy dipping options:

  • Hummus is made of cooked, mashed chickpeas blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. Perfect accompaniment for New York Style Pita Chips. The Garden Fresh Ranch Variety are delicious!
  • Salsa is a spicy, tomato based dipping sauce that is typically paired with Mexican cuisine. Generally low in fat, it’s one of my favorite healthy dipping options. Perfect paired with New York Style Panetini (oven baked Italian toast) in Garlic Parmesan flavor. Love that these are baked and not fried!
  • Guacamole is mashed avocado mixed with chopped onion, tomatoes, chili peppers, and seasoning. Guacamole is loaded with vitamins and nutrients and is delicious with New York Style Mni Bagels. They are baked extra crispy and my personal favorite is the Sea Salt variety.

Healthy dipping options

  • Greek yogurt based dips that are slightly sweetened with healthy sweeteners like honey or maple syrup.  I created this Primal Fruit Dip that was delicious with not only apples but with New York Style Sweet Swirls Chocolate or Cinnabon baked snack crisps.
  • Greek yogurt based dips can also be made with garlic and herbs like my Healthy Herb Dip.  My guests enjoyed dipping New York Style Roasted Garlic Bagel Crisps in this dip!

Healthy dipping options

Healthy dipping options

Of course, there are lots of different things you can do with New York Style crisps and chips.  They are equally delicious paired with cheese or fruit.

Transform an ordinary snack occasion into something special with deliciously baked, all-natural New York Style Bagel Crisps, Pita Chips, Panetini and now Sweet Swirls.  They truly are THE “Thing to Bring.”  Visit www.newyorkstyle.com for more product information.

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  1. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie) says:
    love these healthy dip ideas1
  2. Those look really good! I love adding a little cheese and pepperoni to my bagel crisps for a quick lunch, it's really filling!
  3. Yum great choices!!! I want to try those bagel chips stat!
  4. These would be so much nicer than just serving regular potato chips and dip at a party. Thanks for the great idea!
  5. Yogurt as a dip is a great idea! It all looks yummy!
  6. I like the New York Style crisps and chips.  They are perfect for dipping, but I like them best with cheese! 
  7. Karen Glatt says:
    Hummus, guacamole and salsa are so delicious to dip crackers and chips in. I like that hummus is healthy and has so many different flavors to choose from! I will have to try some of these!
  8. Those look great. Very good healthy dip ideas. Thanks so much for the info.
  9. These New York Style snacks look like a tasty addition to a party, I'd like to try them.  The chocolate crisps would be great at a party or in the kids lunches
  10. I wonder if I can find the Sweet Swirls locally - I'm going to have to look now because I bet those would be awesome to snack on!
  11. I am such a dipper. I love all sorts of dips, especially the hummus and anything with a Greek yogurt base.
  12. Lolli @ Better in Bulk says:
    I must be hungry, because EVERYTHING looks great. If this was the food selection at a party, I'd be eating it all.
  13. My favorite lower calorie dip is hummus. It comes in so many flavors. 
  14. I've had the pita chips before and loved them, I'm interested in trying the bagels next. 
  15. I've never tried these, but really want to find them. They sound really good!
  16. I love bagel chips, but I hadn't heard of chocolate ones! I'm going to have to find some for a treat :)
  17. They look tasty with everything. I could even eat them plain! :)
  18. You sure serve delicious treats at your parties! And the dips are really yummy to go with!
  19. I love just about any type of party dips. I'm definitely a chip and dip fan. The NY chips look like they would easily go with just about anything you can think of. 
  20. Yum! I love these snacking options. 
  21. I have heard a lot of great dips using yogurt now. I love them
  22. I love having healthy dip options. The greek yogurt dip sounds delicious. 
  23. mmmmm. dip. i love dip.  i haven't seen MINI bagel crisps, but  now i'm on a mission!
  24. I love bagel chips :)  And those Sweet Swirls look good, too.  I definitely need to give these a try.
  25. These are very tasty snack ideas. I really want to try the roasted garlic. :)
  26. Bagel chips are my fave! And, your dip looks amazing!
  27. Great dip ideas! Your Greek yogurt dip looks so good! I like the idea of serving/bringing New York style crisps and chips to a a party -- they're like the grown up version of potato chips!
  28. i am a huge fan of dips, but usually don't make the healthiest choices. These look like good ideas!
  29. These spreads look delicious! I'd love to try those bagel crisps!
  30. NY Crisps sound awesome. And, the fact that I can enjoy them with healthier dips is even better. Although, right now with my due date around the corner, I want it all!
  31. Those look delicious! Crunchy too! I love crunchy snacks!! 
  32. We love their pita chips and paired with that dip...yummy!!
  33. Thanks for the great tips. I am eating light during the holiday season. I have traded in the carb loaded goodies for a lighter choice.
  34. Do I spy chocolate crisps? YUM! These NY Crisps look scrumptious with any kind of dip (or no dip at all!) 
  35. I want to try those chocolate ones with that chocolate chip cream cheese dip that people make! =)
  36. I want to try those chocolate ones with that chocolate chip cream cheese dip that people make! =)
  37. All of these plates look wonderful, You shared some great ideas.
  38. Bagel chips are awesome for snacking! I love that they now have sweet versions as well as savory. Now all my favorite dips are covered!
  39. when did they release the chocolate crisps?!?! YUM! 

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