Wilson Castle

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Today we took the kids to see Wilson Castle which is about half an hour from our house. To my best knowledge, it’s the only castle in Vermont. It’s about 150 years old. You can see some of the pictures I took while we were there if you’d like to see. I wish I had a better camera. The inside was rather dark so a lot of the rooms wouldn’t have come out. They had gorgeous china & silver and a beautiful music room with lots of stained glass, etc.

Like I said, I wish I had a better quality camera.

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  1. What a beautiful place! I love really old houses like this. Not to anthropomorphize, but it's almost like they develop their own personality and "presence" after they've been around long enough.
  2. Confessions of an Overworked Mom says
    Hi Paladin - I love old houses too. They have so much more character than a newer house does.

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