What Should You Keep On Hand For Camping Gear?

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What should you keep on hand for camping gear? While our camping activities are pretty much limited to sending the kids out in the backyard, we do keep a lot of camping gear on hand for emergencies.  What kind of emergencies you ask?   It really could be anything.  tent in the grass with frost

Keep on Hand for Camping Gear

What happens if you need to leave the area suddenly for a tornado warning or even something like a gas leak? Maybe you don’t have a lot of money to dish out for a few week’s worth of hotel stays until your neighborhood is safe to go back to?  You can always rely on camping gear and put up a tent in a friend’s backyard or in one of the nation’s parks.

So, what kind of camping essentials do you need to have?  We have a small tent. It only holds two people but we figure the kids can use that and we’ll sleep under the stars.  We also have sleeping bags so everyone will be nice and comfy and warm should the need arise.  That takes care of the shelter.

What else should you have?  We have space blankets.  These are shiny, metallic-looking blankets that hold in the heat so in case it’s cold that evening, it’s a great way to stay warm.  Here in Vermont in July, it still gets down into the 50s at night.

What should you keep on hand for campaign supplies?

We also have a few extras on hand just in case we need them like a completely stocked first aid kit (actually we have several of these).  We have a portable water filtration system in case the water we have access to is questionable.  We have a variety of stainless steel water bottles and a few sets of camping dishes. We have wind up lights and wind up radios in case there’s no power.

Then we have the not necessarily vital things like a solar shower.  We also have things like walkie-talkies for communications.  We have several backpacks and duffel bags loaded with our preps so if we need them suddenly, we can just grab them and go.  There’s no running all over the house yelling where’s the flashlight when you need it.

You may want to check out my must-have summer camping gear post. It’s also a great time to learn to cook in a Dutch Oven. Just be very aware of the danger of forest fires.

So what do you have for emergency camping gear just in case?

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