Ways To Get Motivated To Work Out

Last Updated on September 4, 2020 by Ellen Christian

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I totally admit that working out is not my favorite activity in the world. I try to work out regularly so that I stay in shape and don’t gain weight but most times I’d rather be playing Candy Crush or reading a book.  Because working out isn’t something I always look forward to, I’ve been trying to find ways to get motivated to work out. After all, summer will be here before you know it. I’d like to actually put on that swimsuit in the bureau once or twice this year.

Ways to get motivated to work out

Ways To Get Motivated To Work Out

  • Cut work out clothes.  If I am going to exercise, I am going to look good while I’m doing it. Make sure they fit well, support you, breathe and look good. Who says you can’t be glam while working out?
  • Good shoes. Get the right shoes for the type of exercise you’re doing.  Running shoes aren’t made for walking.  Each type of shoe offers different benefits.
  • Buddy system.  It’s always easier to work out when you have a friend working along with you. You can keep each other accountable.
  • Water bottle.  A long cold drink of water is one of the best ways to get refreshed and get a burst of energy while working out. I find the ones with the built in straws work best when I’m working out.
  • Pump up the tunes. There’s just something about some good music that gets me in the mood to move a little bit more.  Make sure when you’re choosing headphones you choose a pair that is made for exercising.


Ways to get motivated to work out
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Not all headphones are made for the shock, wear and movement that happens when you exercise.  I discovered a new brand of headphones that works with iPod and iPhone called X-1.  X-1 Women’s Momentum In-Ear Ultra Light Headphones are made to wear while you’re exercising or working out.  They come with 3 pairs of elastoner ear tips (small, medium, and large), a pair of foam ear tips and a pair of tree tip ear tips. This is a huge help for me because the standard ear tips on ear phones are always too large for me.  Here are a few more features of the X-1 headphones:

  • Weatherproof & sweatproof. You can even rinse them!
  • Patent pending retro reflective cable that makes you more visible in low light environments
  • 3 button remote with microphone

If using music is one of the ways to get motivated to work out that you enjoy, I definitely recommend the X-1 Women’s Momentum In-Ear Ultra Light Headphones.  They are really standing up to constant use in my exercise routine.


20 thoughts on “Ways To Get Motivated To Work Out”

  1. I really dis like my earphones they are way too big and make my ears hurt. My must do in order to become motivated to work out is quite, I like for the room to be quite. Shore are so important.
  2. i would like to give those a try. I have a real problem finding earphones that fit comfortably in my ears - I always end up with a lot of discomfort if i wear them very long. And, I definitely need some help getting motivated to work out. I've really been bad over this past winter and now don't even want to think of putting on a bathing suit. 
  3. I think you must be speaking to me! I need to quit with the excuses and get the music pumping. More motivation to get on the elliptical (and a great reminder from you).
  4. I've def found that cute clothes and good music make all the difference! I'm not able to work out now because of an inner ear condition, but in college those were the two things that kept me going while at the gym.
    • That must be really difficult Erica. Thankfully you can still buy the cute clothes and good music and just not work out :)

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