Saving Money on Home Repairs

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Saving money on home repairs isn’t as difficult as it sounds. As an owner of an older home, these are tips we have tried over the years that have worked for us. Some home repairs are planned and some are unexpected. But, by following a few of these simple tips you can help keep the cost down when you need to do them.

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Saving Money on Home Repairs

Our home is an 1865 farmhouse. We got it for a steal years ago because it was in need of a serious amount of work. Luckily Marty and I are fairly handy so we can manage to do much of the work ourselves.

We can’t do it all of course. Anything we feel uncomfortable with (like electricity) I generally have my Dad do or at least advise me on.

But, I did manage to caulk the bathtub, install a sensor light switch, and make our home more energy efficient.

I find that saving money on home repairs is possible when I follow these tips.

Use recycled when possible

Using recycled materials won’t always be an option depending on what you’re trying to repair. However, you never know until you check.

You may find that recycled or reclaimed products will work well for your repair. Be sure to check salvage stores in your area for salvaged items from home teardowns or leftover upgrade supplies.

Remember to donate your leftover supplies when you’re done.

Saving Money on Home Repairs and Renovations

Help with the demo

I certainly wouldn’t want to be responsible for hanging new cabinets in my kitchen. But, I’m fairly sure that I could help remove the ones that are there.

See if you can get a discount if you help with the work. Just be sure you don’t create more work for the professionals.

Buy your own materials

While a contractor may get a bulk discount price, you might be able to find things on sale or clearance that he wouldn’t bother hunting for. You may also be able to save if you pick up the materials from the store rather than having them delivered.

Saving Money on Home Repairs and Renovations

Use lookalikes

If you love the look of mahogany, but it’s out of your price range, consider a look alike like a eucalyptus hybrid. Do some research to make sure you aren’t sacrificing on quality but you can often save money this way.

Hire a consultation

If you have basic home repair knowledge but aren’t sure about a few aspects of a repair, hire someone for an hour of consultation.  

They can come in and answer your questions. And, you can do the repair yourself. Just make sure that it isn’t something that requires a certified professional do the repair or it may not pass inspection.

Saving Money on Home Repairs and Renovations

Stick to your budget

While it can be difficult, force yourself to stick to your budget when you’re doing upkeep. If you had your heart set on something outside your budget, that’s OK. You will just need to find an option you can live with.

Check for rebates

Many manufacturers offer rebates on home repair and renovation supplies. We have received rebates on the purchase of our refrigerator after our old one died. And, I’ve found rebates for paint when we had to repair a hole in our wall.

Saving Money on Home Repairs and Renovations

I make sure to shop around for the best quote I can find and get references too since a low price is great but not if it means shoddy work. I’ve even managed to get a discount by offering to act as a *helper* during the repair process.

That’s the person that runs and gets things and hands them tools, nails, etc.  No matter which option you choose, make sure you find the materials at the lowest possible cost.

Do you have any suggestions for saving money on home repairs and renovations?

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