Saving Money on Fresh Produce

Last Updated on July 20, 2021 by Ellen Christian

In the middle of the winter, saving money on fresh produce is definitely something I’m focused on. In the summer, we have a small garden and frequent farmer’s markets in our area. In the winter, those options just aren’t available to us. I still want to be able to incorporate fresh produce into our meals and I can. It just takes a little bit of focus on saving money.

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Saving Money on Fresh Produce #MyMixx

Saving Money on Fresh Produce

We don’t buy all of our produce fresh. There are times I buy frozen and canned fruits and vegetables too.  I like being able to make a salad in the winter and I love splurging on fresh berries with my Greek yogurt in the morning. Thankfully, saving money on fresh produce is possible by following these tips.

  • Don’t be afraid of the mark down section. If you’re going to be using the fresh produce soon, there is nothing wrong with buying fresh produce that has been marked down. The same holds true for fruit you’re going to cook with. Apples can be slightly soft if you are going to make a pie or apple sauce.
  • Buy in season when you can. I still splurge on treats that are off season but most of our purchases are of what is in season now. Winter squash is more affordable in March than in July. Asparagus is more affordable in May than in December.
  • Look at the grocery store flyer and plan meals around what’s on sale. If green beans are on sale this week, serve them for dinner instead of the broccoli that is not.
  • If you find an amazing deal, buy extra and freeze the excess. It takes only a second to buy extra berries and freeze one for next month when they may not be on sale.
  • Minimize waste. Throwing away produce that you don’t use is a waste of money. Keep your eye on what needs to be used up and either use it or freeze it before it’s too late. If it’s almost past being good, toss it in a vegetable soup or fruit puree. Or, make a vegetable stock to use in the future.
  • Check out savings on coupon websites and apps like MyMixx. MyMixx is a new personalized savings app from Shaw’s Markets that you can download to your phone to clip digital coupons. It’s really easy to add items to your shopping list and look for ways to save.

This week when I was shopping at Shaws, I learned that using the MyMixx app, I could get a pound of strawberries for only .99c! That is a great deal during the summer but it’s an amazing deal in the middle of winter in Vermont. I have really been missing strawberries and was thrilled to be able to enjoy some on my Greek yogurt for breakfast.

MyMixx is really easy to use. Just download the app and enter your phone number. You can make shopping lists and search for savings all on your phone.  When you get to the register, just enter your phone number and the savings automatically come off your total. You can even request a digital receipt by text or email. When I first signed up, I even got a $5 off coupon just for signing up! That will buy a lot of fresh produce.

If you’re looking for tips for saving money on fresh produce, I hope you’ll download the MyMixx app and try a few of the suggestions I’ve offered!

Saving Money on Fresh Produce #MyMixx

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