4 Reasons You Need a Probiotic For Digestive Balance

Last Updated on September 5, 2020 by Ellen Christian

Do you use a probiotic for digestive balance? Do you know why it’s important that you take one each day? My daughter recently came down with a bacterial infection, and the doctor gave her an antibiotic to take. As soon as she came home, I told her that she needed to take a probiotic to keep her digestive system functioning properly.  I know this is something that I’ve mentioned to her before, but it’s even more important when taking an antibiotic. This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Align at Sam’s Club.

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4 Reasons You Need to Use a Probiotic For Digestive Balance

A Probiotic For Digestive Balance

An antibiotic kills both good and bad bacteria to control an infection. It can’t tell the difference between bacteria you need (for digestive balance) and bacteria you don’t need (for an infection). By taking a probiotic, you help your digestive system work properly by maintaining the correct balance. Here are just a few reasons why it’s important to take a probiotic each day.

  • Balance the effects of antibiotics. As I shared above, antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria. Taking a probiotic will help return some of the good bacteria to your body to help with digestive balance.
  • You may not be getting it in your yogurt. Yogurt in the United States is not required to contain any live cultures, and tests have shown that some yogurt products have a wide range of levels of live bacteria. The delivery of probiotics in either yogurt or fermented milk is limited by the need for cold storage and an associated shorter shelf life.
  • They offset the standard American diet. If your diet typically includes processed foods and sugary drinks, the sugar may result in higher than normal amounts of bad bacteria in your digestive system. This can result in irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive issues that probiotics may help with.
  • May be beneficial for those that are gluten intolerant. When my daughter was diagnosed as gluten intolerant, her doctor recommended she take a probiotic to help keep her digestive system working properly.

I eat yogurt frequently but had no idea that I might not be getting enough probiotics in the yogurt I eat to maintain a healthy digestive balance. I’m going to be adding Align into my diet for the next two weeks to see how I feel after taking it. I’ll be sharing my results of taking a probiotic for digestive balance with you in a few weeks. Here is what I have learned about Align so far:

  • It is a daily gluten-free probiotic supplement that offers 24/7 digestive support*†
  • Align is the only probiotic that contains B. infantis 35624, a unique patented probiotic strain that helps*:
    -Fortify your digestive system with a unique healthy bacteria 24/7*†
    -Promote and support a healthy digestive system
    -Maintain digestive balance
  • It is the #1 gastroenterologist-recommended†† probiotic

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†Fortifies your digestive system with good bacteria 24/7 with continued daily use.
††Among gastroenterologists who recommend a brand of probiotic in a Symphony Health Solutions 2014 survey.

12 thoughts on “4 Reasons You Need a Probiotic For Digestive Balance”

  1. That's interesting that I may not be getting as much probiotics in my yogurt as I thought. I may have to reconsider supplementing!
  2. Probiotics are so important. I know they've only come into the spotlight over the last couple of years, but they really help with health.
  3. I take a probiotic supplement everyday. I've had to be on tons of antibiotics over the years, and my doctor recommended getting on a probiotic and staying on it.
  4. I keep thinking that I should have some sort of probiotic, but I never know which one to try. Being that laxativs make me all cramped up I don't know what probiotics would do. It scares me.
    • A probiotic should make things normal. It should regulate things no matter which way you tend to have issues.
  5. This morning I was reading in an upcoming nursing continuing education seminar post that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), studies indicate that 30 to 50 percent of antibiotics prescribed in hospitals are unnecessary or inappropriate. I hope this changes but probiotics do seem to help the situation and they've helped me with my IBS for sure.
    • I've heard the same thing, Deb. It's a shame they are prescribed so often when not needed. Thankfully, a probiotic helps keep the digestive system working properly.
  6. Our family uses probiotics to help our digestive system. It helps us out a lot, especially my husband who has digestive issues.

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