Oral Care for Cats | Healthy Food for Cats

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Imagine if one of the kids came up to you and decided they wanted to live on snack food and fast food. You’d probably say “no way” and insist they have a balanced diet with fruits, vegetables and healthy food. That’s because our bodies need healthy food in order to fight off disease and have enough energy to make it through the day. Our pets are no different. Offering healthy food for cats and dogs helps them stay healthy and active.

Oral Care for Cats | Healthy Food for Cats

Oral Care for Cats | Healthy Food for Cats

There are a lot of issues that I try to be aware of as a pet owner. One of them is oral care for cats as they get older. Our kitties aren’t kittens any longer and Colors is officially an “older cat.”  There are risks that cats face if their teeth aren’t kept healthy and they can be even more significant as they age.

If your cat’s teeth are not kept healthy, they can be at a higher risk of oral bacteria mobilizing to other areas of their body. Once the infection is in their bloodstream, it can infect any organ and lead to organ failure.  Did you know that dental disease is the most common disease diagnosed in dogs and cats?

Oral Care for Cats | Healthy Food for Cats

Animals that are fed unbalanced diets are at risk of slowly depleting the mineral stores in their bones which can lead to osteopenia. It’s important that their diet include adequate vitamin D and calcium. Original Ultra Whole Body Health Formula was created to help ensure premium nutrition for all Life stages of our pets. I’m glad that’s one less thing that I need to worry about for my cats. That leaves more time for playing!

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  1. Felissa (Two Little Cavaliers) says
    What a nice place for a kitty to relax! Oral health is so important but something that often gets overlooked especially in cats. Thank you for sharing information on why we need to make an extra effort to keep all of our pets teeth healthy.
  2. A lot of people forget that oral care is just as important for the pets as it is for people;
  3. I have to admit I'm one of those that neglected oral care for our dogs and paid for it later in life.  Just like with your own kids, you have to stay on top of it!
  4. Oral care for our fur babies is just as important as for us humans, it can get expensive and even kill our fur babies if we don't take care of it, this is a great and affordable way to keep them healthy; great post Ellen and thanks for introducing us to a wonderful product, need to check it out and share with my cat loving friends.
  5. It's so hard to keep my pet's teeth clean. I rely often on the little chew sticks and treats but this is really an important thing. Being a pet owner is so much more than just filling the water bowl and pouring food once a day - for sure!
  6. Alena Belleque (The Homemade Creative) says
    I haven't had a cat in my home for a long time (tenant rules are a drag), but I love them, and it's great to see articles about how to keep them healthy and happy. Pet care is super important - they may not be people, but they're still living creatures, and deserve to be taken care of well.

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