How to Choose New Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

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Marty and I are remodeling the kitchen this year and have been looking into how to choose new custom kitchen cabinetry. Our home was built in 1865 and the custom cabinets that are in the kitchen now are made of plywood. That’s how they were made years ago, but they are definitely showing their age and lots of wear. We try to tackle on remodeling project a year, and this year it’s the kitchen. We’ll be putting in a new floor, new cabinets, and new countertops. After that, we’ll be getting a new dining table and chair set.

How to Choose New Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

How to Choose New Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

I’d never chosen kitchen cabinets before so I had no idea there was so much involved in the process. You need to select the wood, the finish, the style, the size and the hardware. After speaking to someone at our local design center, these are the things that we were told to consider when making our choice:

  • Door styles – We live in an older home so I wanted a door style that was simple to match the rest of the home. Keep in mind that door styles with a lot of detailing on the front may require more effort to keep clean. A completely flat surface is easier to clean.
  • Hinges – Do you want the hinges visible or hidden. The type of cabinets you choose will impact where the hinges are placed.
  • Finish – Keep in mind that you can choose a painted cabinet, a clear finish or even a distressed finish. A darker color may make your kitchen look smaller. A lighter color will be harder to keep clean especially if you have children. Our old cabinets were painted (poorly) so I am looking forward to a finish on our new cabinets.

How to Choose New Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

  • Cabinet material – Not all kitchen cabinets are solid wood. There are a number of different options including solid wood and engineered wood. You should also consider whether you want a wood veneer, laminate or thermofoil on your cabinets.

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I love that their cabinets are made in the USA by a family owned business and they come with a lifetime warranty. You can even find environmentally friendly cabinets from their dealers and contractors. Enter their Dream Kitchen Makeover Contest below.

How to Choose New Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

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  1. Interesting. I've been house-hunting lately and even a fresh coat of paint can help, looks-wise, with cabinets :).
  2. We did a few updates to our previous home but didn't try to tackle the kitchen.  Thankfully, the house we recently purchased is new, and we didn't have to make these decisions ourselves! 
    I have never agonized over anything like I did about my cabinet choices and the accessories to go with them. I think in the future I might just bring all the elements to a designer because it's a lot harder than it looks! You know that as you are going through the process.  Wellborn would make it easier because the cabinets are so gorgeous. Winning that contest would be divine. 
  4. What a gorgeous kitchen! Our kitchen is decent, but needs pizzazz! Got to save this one for later!  Unfortunately, it's not time to redo the kitchen quite yet.
  5. A kitchen remodel is definitely on my to do list. GOing to have to wait til I save up a bit for it. Cabinetry is a tough choice but I definitely need new ones!
  6. It's always amazing to me  how the seemingly simplest updates to the kitchen can have such a dramatic difference!  
  7. It just dawned on me that you live in VT! I am in NH with many family members in Vermont :) Anyways, loved reading this post, my Mom recently choose new cabinets for her kitchen and these are just some of the things she took into consideration, very wonderful list of what to think about! I love the looks of new cabinets!

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