Making Jewelry with Stones

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Making jewelry with stones may bring to mind diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. However, the same techniques you would use for making jewelry with stones like diamonds would be used for making jewelry with stones from the craft store or even your driveway. It is possible to create your own jewelry and the end result will be unique accessories that are all your own. Stonesetting for Contemporary Jewelry Makers by Melissa Hunt contains the techniques, inspiration, and professional advice you need to being making jewelry with stones.

Making jewelry with stones

Making jewelry with stones

This book about making jewelry with stones features traditional techniques as well as modern innovations and ready made settings.  There is an illustrated overview of the most commonly used gemstones from diamonds and pearls to quartz and sunstone.  You will learn the provenance, color, family, crystal group, hardness, refractive index, specific gravity and considerations you need to be aware of when working with each. You’ll also be able to glance through galleries of finished pieces that will provide inspiration on settings, designs, and materials you can use when you begin making jewelry with stones.

Stonesetting for Contemporary Jewelry Makers includes beautifully illustrated, step by step tutorials along with practical tips and advice for a variety of projects.  There are projects for a variety of skill levels from beginner to advanced.  Each project is clearly marked what skill level it’s intended for.  Projects also have a detailed list of materials and step by step illustrated instructions you can follow along with. You will also see photographs of finished jewelry pieces that were created using the technique you’re learning so you can better visualize the end result.

While many of the projects in Stonesetting for Contemporary Jewelry Makers are created using more expensive gemstones, the techniques that you’ll learn can certain be used with any type of stone including the glass crystals that you can commonly find at the craft stores.  You will need to have a variety of basic jewelry making tools to complete these projects.  You should have no problem at all finding everything you need at the craft store for the beginning level jewelry projects. Some of the intermediate and advanced projects in the book will require metal working tools like soldering equipment. If you’re looking for an introduction to making jewelry with stones, Stonesetting for Contemporary Jewelry Makers will definitely be the resource you need.

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  1. This sounds and looks really amazing and informational. Great for someone who would like to start a jewelry business I love when I see jewelry that is unique like this!
  2. I've ordered cabochons before, do some stones aren't expensive. I also have a multi tool that solders.
  3. Patricia Hancock says
    I love making jewelry. Havent done it in a while though.  Thank you so much for this post!
  4. I find jewelry making fascinating although havent tried it myself yet. Thanks for sharing this!
  5. I like wearing stone accessories, but unfortunately, I don't know how to make them perfect. By reading your blog I got an idea. Thank you.
  6. I love the idea of making my own jewelry but I think the patience is lacking. And working with small items is difficult for eyes are not as good as the used to be and neither are my hands. Too bad I didn't hear about this years ago.
  7. I used to regularly make my own jewelry, and my favourite material has always been gemstones. I even have some from a trip to India about 10 years ago.
    • Ellen Christian says
      I had a jewelry website for years where I made my own crafts. Mostly I used beads but I did have a few pieces I used real gemstones in. It was loads of fun but my eyes are not that great any longer!
  8. Wow, those look stunning!
  9. I'd love to start making jewelry!

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