Making Iced Coffee and Tea at Home

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This post on making iced coffee and tea at home has been inspired by product provided for review. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

Making iced coffee and tea at home is one of the ways we keep our expenses under control.   I found myself running out to our local coffee shop much too often when the urge for an iced coffee or iced tea hit me. At $4 or more for each iced drink, my little splurge started to be a big splurge.   I knew that I had to start making iced coffee and tea at home instead.  I make my own hot coffee and tea in my Cuisinart powered by Keurig technology. When I started seeing the Brew Over Ice K-Cups, I knew that my problem had been solved.

Making iced coffee

Making Iced Coffee and Tea at Home

Making iced coffee and tea at home with Keurig couldn’t be easier.   I start with a re-usable tumbler and fill it to the top with iced cubes. Next comes the hard part.  Pick the type of k-cup you want to enjoy. There are so many different kinds of Brew Over Ice K-Cups that I have a difficult time choosing which one I want.  In the past, my favorite has been the Celestial Seasonings Peach Iced Tea K-Cups.  I’m a huge fan of fruit iced teas and peach is one of my favorites.  When I was at BlogHer Food in June, I had a chance to try the Snapple Peach Iced Tea K-Cup and WOW was that good!  Of course, an iced coffee mid afternoon is extremely important if I want to stay awake all day.

Making iced coffee

I recently received two new types of K-Cups to enjoy:

  • Vitamin Burst Strawberry Pomegranate – A brewed fruit beverage that is a combination of strawberry and pomegranate. It is high in antioxidant Vitamin C and is naturally sweetened with no artificial colors or flavors.  It is also caffeine free so it’s the perfect choice to enjoy later in the day. The Vitamin Burst Strawberry Pomegranate has a very natural strawberry taste and at 80 calories, it is a very refreshing way to enjoy something different.


  • Donut Shop Sweet & Creamy Regular Iced Coffee – This is the perfect blend for an iced coffee.  It is already sweetened and has creamer added.  Since sweet and creamy describes my ideal iced coffee, it’s no wonder I enjoyed this.  I did note that it has both sugar and sucralose.  I think that I would enjoy this one better if it were only sweetened with sugar.  I try to avoid artificial sweeteners when possible.

If you’re interested in making iced coffee and tea at home, the Keurig definitely makes it easier.  The range of iced coffees, iced teas, and iced beverages available in their Brew Over Ice line is truly amazing. If you would like to try some of the Brew Over Ice products, you can download a $2 coupon and watch the Brew Over Ice video. Make sure you enter the Brew Over Ice Sweepstakes too.

One of my readers will win 3 Brew Over Ice K-Cup® samples, a Brew Over Ice tumbler, 4 Brew Over Ice coasters, plus a Brew Over Ice light-up ice bucket and tongs.

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This post on making iced coffee and tea at home has been inspired by product provided for review. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

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  1. Sharon Garrett says
    Keurig is a better way to brew tea.
  2. There are a huge variety of brew over ice flavors to choose from!!
  3. tara pittman says
    I can win $ 10,000 in their contest.
  4. I learned that the coffee and tea is sold all over by me!
  5. I learned that some varieties of coffee/etc. will have a special  brew over ice seal on it.
  6. Nicole Herman says
    I never knew they had snapple cups! Love it!
  7. I learned that you can buy it at Wal Mart.
  8. They have a very large variety of coffee and tea to choose from.
  9. claudia krusch says
    Learned that you can buy it at Walmart and there is a large variety of coffee and tea! 
  10. Bohemian Babushka (@BBabushka) says
    I learned that the a perfect iced coffee is 2 to 1- 16oz cup of ice w/8 ozs of coffee.
  11. I had no idea that you could brew tea in many varities with Keurig!
  12. I learned that making iced anything is a lot easier than I thought!
  13. susan smoaks says
    they have a lemon iced tea that i can't wait to try!
  14. Lisa from Life with Lisa says
    They make Snapple Peach, my favorite!
  15. they are uniquely blended with the right amount of coffee tea or fruit
  16. I learned that you can buy it at Wal Mart.
  17. Mike Bratek says
    I did not know you could make cold coffee at home with these unique tools!
  18. Keely Hostetter says
    I learned they have a guarantee if you don't like the flavor you bought. We have had that happen and it seems like a waste when you can't exchange it in the store.
  19. I learned that to get the optimal flavor with a Brew Over Ice k-cup, you should set your machine to either the 6 or 8 oz setting.
  20. Maggie Fout says
    I learned they even have special brews for the over ice!
  21. laurie nykaza says
    lots of flavors to try and something for the whole family the tongs are great to go with the ice too
  22. Judith Smith says
    What a large variety of brew over ice to fit a wide variety of tastes.  
  23. Cassie Korando says
    I learned that there are special flavors formulated for brewing over ice.
  24. Victoria Carlson says
    I learned that you can brew a 6oz or 8oz cup! 
  25. I did not know that Keurig had so many name brand variety to choose from, let alone specific ones for brewing over ice.  Would love to try them.
  26. Kelley Galyen says
    I learned that there is a huge variety of coffee and tea k-cups and they are available at WalMart!!
  27. I learned that snapple sells a peach iced tea
  28. I learned that they try to be socially and environmentally responsible.
  29. Mary Casper says
    walmart has it!
  30. Katie Bellamy says
    They have soo much to choose from!
  31. There are many, many varieties not only of tea but also coffee and vitamin bursts that can be made and brewed over ice. 
  32. andrea m dimario says
    I learned that . Waste reduction and responsible energy use have been two of there top priorities from the beginning
  33. Blessie Nelson says
    I learned that Keurig has tied up with Snapple to make iced teas at home!
  34. they had snapple cups
  35. they carry Snapple cups!
  36. I learned that some of the drinks are already sweetened.
  37. I learned you can buy them @ Schnucks
  38. Do not use glass
  39. I learned that I won! thanks for the link to the sponsor :) You have won either a Brew Over Ice Sampler Pack OR Tumbler and have been entered for a chance to win the $10,000 Grand Prize. whee
  40. can buy it at Wal Mart
  41. Stephanie Larison says
    You can get this at Bed, Bath, and Beyond
  42. I learned how easy it is to make iced coffee.
  43. Tabitha Willette says
    making ice tea is easy :)
  44. I learned that I love Brew Over Ice for a reason - it's GREAT!!
  45. I learned that the Snapple K-Cups come in Lemon Iced Tea,Peach Iced Tea,and Raspberry Iced Tea.
  46. Linda Petteys says
    there is a contest going on to win $10,000. and daily prizes!  It was fun.  
  47. I like the different varieties like snapple and vitamin burst
  48. Linda Bragg says
    They have lemon ice tea which is my favorite.
  49. I learned they have a huge and wonderful selection
  50. Easy peasey with the great variety of K-cups
  51. I had no idea they had such a huge variety of choices of tea and coffee and other drinks!!
  52. Brooke Bumgardner says
    I learned that it's really easy to brew over ice, just by placing the brew over ice k-cup in your keurig!
  53. That I won!! I played the game and choose the half and half yum!
  54. they have a contest with a $10k prize! ferriza2(at)yahoo(dot)com
  55. I learned you can make ice tea with a Keurig.
  56. I learned they had flavors by Snapple.
  57. Snapple has k cups
  58. sarakate brushaber says
    they now make Snapple teas!!!!
  59. Brittney House says
    You can buy it at Wal Mart.
  60. They have lots of brands including Snapple!
  61. David Carlson says
    I learned that there are a bunch of varieties of Snapple that you can get for the Keurig.
  62. I learned not to use glass when brewing.
  63. I learned about all the different varieties of K-cups by snapple! Yummy!
  64. Samantha Daleo says
    I learned that these amazing K-Cups are available in a ton of markets and department stpres.
  65. They have way more flavors than I knew about
  66. I learned that you can buy K-Cups at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.
  67. I learned that they have several different flavors of tea and coffee 
  68. I learned they have a Snapple Peach tea that I'd love to try!
  69. they have snapple teas :)
  70. Louise Brouillette says
    I love the Snapple Teas
  71. I learned you only use the 6-8 oz setting! I don't think that I use that when I make brewed over ice drinks. I will have to try it out next time.
  72. I learned that you can buy it at Wal Mart.
  73. they have snapple
  74. I learned that you can buy them at Best buy...did not know that.
  75. Kerrie Mayans says
    I didn't know they had Snapple branded ice teas for their machines. I think of them just as coffee makers!
  76. I learne dthey have Snapple now.
  77. Holly Storm-Burge says
    I learned that you should not use glass when you brew over ice.
  78. Rebecca Lock says
    I learned that there are several varieties of Vitamin Burst.
  79. Kristy Thiel says
    I learned that they carry Snapple products!
  80. they have snapple cups!!
  81. they have alot of tea varieties for those of us that are not coffee fans
  82. Nikki Lynn Hanna says
    I learned that there is a large selection of kcups you can get, including a variety of teas and iced coffee's.
  83. Lori @Lori's Culinary Creations says
    Love the variety of hot and iced teas. 
  84. Beverly Metcalf says
    I learned you can make ice tea and ice coffee in this Keurig. Thanks for having a great contest.
  85. Sara Sullivan says
    I learned about other iced coffee flavors.
  86. I learned they  have it at walmart did not know that yeah
  87. In the 32 years , Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. has grown from a single coffee shop in Vermont to a leader in single serve beverages in North America
  88. I learned that they have lots of different kinds of K-cups and I'd love to try so many of them. Thank you :)

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