Bedtime Chamomile Soda with no HFCS!

Last Updated on November 21, 2021 by Ellen Christian

My family enjoys soda but I don’t like the expense or the high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners in many sodas. I recently reviewed *Homemade Sodas* by Andrew Schloss that has 200 recipes for sodas you can make yourself. I decided to try the bedtime chamomile soda.

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Of all the herbal sedatives, chamomile is one of the most soothing, and by far the most pleasant-tasting. In this bedtime beverage sweetened chamomile tea is mixed with a little milk before it’s carbonated. Calcium, the most plentiful mineral in milk, is a natural tranquilizer.

Chamomile milk:

1/2 cup water
1/4 cup sugar
1 chamomile tea bag
1/2 cup milk

Combine water and sugar in a small sauce pan. Bring to boil, then remove from the heat, add the tea bag, and let steep for 5 minutes.  Remove the tea bag and let the syrup cool to room temperature. Stir in the milk.

To Mix with Seltzer:

1 bath chamomile milk
1 cup seltzer

Pour the milk into a tall glass.  Add the seltzer and stir just until blended.  Add ice and serve. This is delicious! Sort of tastes like an ice cream soda. Yummy!

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  1. This does sound good! With all the craziness from starting back to work and school starting, this might help with my brain wind down at night...Thanks!

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