How to Enjoy Life After Children Leave Home

Last Updated on September 12, 2022 by Ellen Christian

Life after children leave home? For a while, I wasn’t sure it was something I was going to enjoy. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t enjoy changes.

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How to Enjoy Life After Children Leave Home

How to Enjoy Life After Children Leave Home

I’m one of those people who does the same thing, at the same time, every single day. For years, I followed the same routine and for the most part, I enjoyed it and I was pretty good at it.

But, then it happened. My son moved out and my daughter graduated from college. My world was turned upside down, and for the longest time, I was sure I wasn’t going to like it. 

I still miss the kids, but I’m starting to learn how to enjoy this new phase in my life. I don’t need to wake up early to make sure the kids get on the bus.

There are no more school meetings or snow days. I have more time for myself, and I’m starting to enjoy taking advantage of that time. In the beginning,

I wandered around an empty house, looking in at empty bedrooms and feeling sad. Now, I’m embracing that quiet time to find out who I am.

One of the things I’ve discovered is that I work too much. That’s probably not surprising to most people. I started working more hours when the kids began to be more independent.

They didn’t need me as much so it was a natural progression. Now, I’m realizing that working more hours isn’t the best solution to more free time. It’s more important to take care of myself and enjoy the extra hours in my day.

How to Enjoy Life After Children Leave Home

I’ve started to find new hobbies, and to rekindle my love for old ones. I have discovered the joy of coloring, and you can find me with a box of colored pencils and a coloring book most nights as I relax and unwind.

I’ve also gotten back into geocaching which I enjoyed for years but never seemed to have time to do. There is nothing stopping me now from learning new hobbies.

Life after children leave home? For a while, I wasn't sure it was something I was going to enjoy. I'll be honest with you, I don't enjoy changes.

I’m also being more intentional about enjoying life. I’m trying not to rush through every moment. I take time each morning for a quiet walk in the woods to connect with nature.

I listen to the birds sing and the water in the brook. Slow down and take time for you so you can discover who you are independent of the children.

Accept the changes – both the kids moving out and you aging. Life isn’t the same without the kids and it’s not the same now that you’re in your forties (or fifties, or sixties). Life is different, but it can still be fulfilling and enjoyable. You may need to deal with minor aches from the beginning of arthritis or light bladder leakage as you get older.

Don’t let the changes stop you, but acknowledge that they exist. I don’t go on my long walks without wearing a Poise Microliner for light bladder leakage. That’s what they’re made for and they work better than a feminine care product.

Bladder leakage is a challenge that faces many women, but it isn’t one that needs to get in the way of being able to enjoy life after children leave home. Aging doesn’t need to limit you.

How to enjoy life after children leave home

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Now that you know how to enjoy life after children leave home, what will you do first?

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  1. These microliners are the best invention ever. THey are just right and the different varietiesmake al the difference. Good for you for finding yourself again. 
  2. Nice to know you can enjoy this part of life and that the wandering around and looking at empty rooms doesn't last forever. I already have one in college, and my middle one is graduating high school this year. They are both living at home while going to school, but because of the long commute, they are/will be gone a lot more during the day than they used to be. I wish I had woods like that to go walking in every day; it is so beautiful!
  3. I am glad, to hear you are enjoying your new phase in life.  As I will be entering into this phase myself very soon.

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