Learn How to Pick Wild Apples the Right Way

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If you already know how to pick wild apples the right way, you’ll want to head over to my Wild Apple Crumb Pie Recipe right now. If you’re not quite sure how to get started, keep reading and you can bake that pie later.

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Learn How to Pick Wild Apples the Right Way

Learn How to Pick Wild Apples the Right Way

The area I live in used to be all farms. Over the years, the farms have been divided up into 2-5 acre properties that are mostly wooded. Lost in those woods and old farm fields are forgotten apple trees. I’m sure at some point in the distant past, they were planted by someone and cared for but they have long since been forgotten.

Picking wild apples is different than picking apples in an orchard. You need to find them first. Three are no signs directing you to wild apple trees. The best thing to do is to simply go for a walk in the woods or in your neighborhood. You can sometimes find them at the edges of public parks if you are in a more populated area.

How to find a wild apple tree

When heading out to search for a wild apple tree, it’s best to wear long pants and a long shirt with sturdy shoes. You won’t want to climb through the brush in shorts and sandals. Bring along a pair of work gloves in case you need to clear away brambles or poison ivy. Don’t forget a bucket, pail or cloth bag to carry your apples when you find them.

Baking with Wild Apples

Always be certain that the apple tree doesn’t belong to someone. If it clearly has an owner, you really need to ask permission before using the apples.

When choosing a tree to pick from, be certain that you don’t pick one that grows beside a road. You don’t want to eat apples that have been coated with months of car exhaust.

Learn How to Pick Wild Apples the Right Way
I took this photo a few weeks ago before they were ripe and then made sure to head back when they were.

How to pick an apple

When you find an apple tree with ripe apples, the best way to pick an apple is to hold it carefully in your hand and twist the apple slightly. If it’s ripe, it should twist easily from the tree. You do not want to pull on the apple so that you remove part of the stem and the leaves. This can damage the tree so it doesn’t fruit well next season.

Don’t be put off by the strange look of the apples. They likely won’t look like the apples you see in the grocery store. They may have spots and bumps and will probably be much smaller. Apples that have been left untended won’t look pretty, but they can be delicious!

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  1. We used to have a small apple orchard in our yard when I grew up. We had every opportunity to make all types of yummy stuff. Miss it.
  2. These are great tips! I never knew how to pick wild apples and also tended to look for apples with no bumps! Thanks for sharing, cant wait to pick some apples and try that recipe.

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