Inspired Living With Delta Faucet

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I love old homes because they have character and stories that I don’t see in newer homes. Our New England farmhouse was built in 1865 by a man who built one of the saw mills in our town. 

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Inspired Living with Delta Faucet

Inspired Living With Delta Faucet

While previous owners have made a number of improvements, I still see a lot of authentic character in our home.   I love the wide floor boards in the living room and the doors that don’t quite fit when you close them.  There are a few things that I don’t like about our home.  It’s very lacking in storage space because people in the 1800’s just didn’t need the space we do today.  Older homes also tend to need more upkeep than newer homes – at least that is how it seems to me.  Cupboards and drawers don’t close properly, the faucet in the kitchen leaks, and the bathtub needs to be re-grouted.

We tackle projects around the house a little bit at a time.  This year, it’s time to replace the leaky kitchen faucet. When I learned I would be working with Delta Faucet on a faucet replacement, I started thinking about what kind of faucet I should choose. Our home doesn’t really have a specific theme in decor.  I have always loved country and traditional decor but we really have a little bit of everything.  No worries there though. Delta has an interactive digital tool that helped me pick the best style faucet based on answers to a simple quiz.

Taking the quiz helped me realize the type of decor I really liked the most. It took into consideration my preferences for furniture, accessories, and other elements of my home decor.  I tried to consider the look of the faucet as well as the functionality.  The quiz told me that my style was “transitional’ which means:

Simple lines and neutral colors combine to create a casually elegant environment. While you love tailored, unfussy rooms, you also appreciate the quirks and personality of antiques and architectural details. A ceramic farmhouse sink with a high-arc chrome faucet? Now we’re talking!

Inspired Living Transitional
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I was surprised but that is 100% true and definitely describes my style preferences. These are the three faucets that the quiz told me best fit what I liked.  While I do love them all, I think that the Linden (in the center) is really my favorite and would work best in the kitchen we have. I think that the Pilar and Addison designs are a bit more modern than what would work for me.  I can see the Linden in a sink with a colander full of greens from the garden or a bunch of herbs that need to be rinsed off. They all have Touch20 technology which is a touch activated faucet. I’ve seen these before in friend’s homes and I’m really excited I’ll get to have one too.  Delta Touch2O Technology for your kitchen and bathroom is precisely in tune with your every touch. Take the quiz to learn which faucet style best describes you at

I’ll be back soon with another post showing you how I’m progressing.

11 thoughts on “Inspired Living With Delta Faucet”

  1. Wow an 1865 farmhouse!  I can't even imagine as I have lived all my life in an area that nothing is more than 100 years old and typically when buildings get 50 years + the are torn down.   So we have very little old architecture to admire.  
  2. Thanks for the info.  I, too, have an old faucet that needs replacement.  Husband thinks it's fine...but he doesn't do dishes or cook, so go figure!  The Delta brand has a great reputation, and I need to look further into this!  
  3. Ellen, we can't wait to see how the faucet looks in your kitchen. We know that you will love having our Touch2O Technology in your kitchen! We look forward to your progress posts.
  4. I love my Delta faucets, especially the Intuition with H2O technology that I have in the bathroom. Years later I'm still getting so many compliments on it!
  5. I look forward to seeing how it looks. We have a Delta Touch faucet on our kitchen sink and I absolutely love it! It looks nice and it works too. So easy to do dishes, get drinks, get water for the cats LOL.
  6. It's amazing how much something as simple as a  faucet can make a kitchen seem new. We had an old house too - not as old as yours, but old enough - so I know of what you write. Good luck with the replacement and enjoy the results.
  7. These faucets are lovely.  I have had to replace all my faucets in my home.  We usually tackle it one at a time, since it can be quite costly.  I do like the Addison SIngle Handle Faucet in the photos.

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