How to keep your home clean for the holidays

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Keeping your home clean isn’t always easy during the holidays. People generally entertain and have guests over as Christmas gets closer so it’s a time we want to make sure our homes are extra clean. Unfortunately, the added decorations, the tree and traffic in and out of our home can make this job more difficult than normal. Here are a few tips I use to make keeping our holiday home clean a little easier.

Make sure you use a tree skirt underneath your tree like the one shown in this picture I found on Country Living. It will catch any loose pine needles or fake pine needles and prevent them from being tracked all over your home. Just take the tree skirt outside and shake it out every few days to keep things neat and tidy.

Don’t scatter your decorations all over the room. If you have five miniature holiday houses, place them all together in a village instead of placing some on the table, some on the entertainment stand and some on the television. That way you’ll only have on set of decorations to dust around instead of five different decorations.

If you’re using candles, make sure you set them on a candle plate or heat proof mat. Drips of wax can make a mess on your table and the heat from the candle can leave a ring. Choose a soy based candle instead of a paraffin wax candle to keep black soot from damaging your candle holders or your walls.

Declutter your home before the holidays. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to fit new presents into book cases, toy chests or dresser drawers when there is no room. Take a moment to go room from room and declutter. Donate your good unwanted items to a local shelter.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you spend hours running around like a crazy person trying to make everything spotless, you’re going to be too stressed out to enjoy your company. Enlist the aid of your kids or your husband to help clean up. Even the youngest toddler can pickup toys or put clothes in a laundry basket.

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