How to Distress a Flower Pot

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We have two house plants that I’ve managed not to kill yet. One is in a pretty pot I got  years ago from a garden center. The other is in an ugly plastic pot that I really want to replace.  I love the look of the distressed flower pots in the garden center but they’re fairly expensive. As I was wasting time on Pinterest, I came across some pretty DIY French Pots that had a distressed look and that motivated me to create my own. How to distress a flower pot

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How to Distress a Flower Pot

I don’t have any French sayings and that theme doesn’t really go with my living room so I decided to remake them a bit and just distress a blank pot with no saying. You could easily choose a saying or graphic of your choice if you wanted to add that. For me, the simplicity of the distressed flower pot is just perfect. Materials:

  • Terra cotta flower pot
  • White or grey paint. You can use acrylic paint or leftover paint from a home remodel. I used leftover paint we used in our bathroom repairs.
  • Sandpaper, fine grain
  • Paper towel

How to distress a flower pot Directions:

  • Crumble up your paper towel and dip it carefully into your paint. You want it to be mostly dry.
  • Very lightly rub the paint on the flower pot. You don’t want to cover it solidly.
  • Let it dry completely.
  • You can blot it again lightly to add texture if you want but make sure that you let the terra cotta of the pot show through.
  • Let dry again if you added another layer.
  • Lightly rub the sandpaper over the pot to distress it.

How to distress a flower pot

  • Add the soil and your plant and enjoy!

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  1. I had to pin this such a easy technique to do and such a great result love how it looks. I will be making some of these for my home and as gifts too.
  2. I think this is such a great way to make terra cotta pots look so much more decorative. It seems easy enough for anyone to do. 
  3. Wow, this is so pretty! I just adore this idea and also appreciate how simple it would be to make at the same time. I definitely need more plants in my life, I can't wait to try this!

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