Home Security Monitoring Systems

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Home security monitoring systems aren’t something I’ve given a lot of thought to.  We don’t live in town or near any cities at all.  We all know our neighbors and think nothing of letting the kids roam through the woods and swim in the stream down the road. We don’t generally lock the car unless we’re in the city shopping.  Unless it’s dark out, we don’t usually lock the house and although the windows have locks on them, they were never locked. I guess we’ve always taken the quiet, peaceful lifestyle for granted – until a few weeks ago. Now I’m seeing home security monitoring systems in an entirely new light.

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Home Security Monitoring Systems

Home security monitoring systems

I stopped over my parents house a few weeks ago unexpectedly one afternoon.  Like any other time, I gave the back door a brief knock and turned the handle to go inside.   The door was locked… The door was locked in the day time.  After knocking again and waiting, my mother answered the door and explained that a house down the road from them had two men break into it.  The woman who lived there was robbed for what the police believe was drug money.  They were now keeping their doors and windows locked because they were worried for their safety. When I got home that day, I locked the car and when I want inside, I checked the windows and then locked the doors and it’s going to stay that way. That makes me sad but I think it’s necessary.

This year, you can give the gift of security with home security monitoring systems from SimpliSafe.  SimpliSafe designed a system that is easy to self-install, easy to purchase direct from them online, and doesn’t require a contract or a telephone line.  It’s also wireless, cellular, and customizable…which means it works anywhere and will fit any house, apartment or business. Their security system is completely wireless and arrives pre-programmed and ready to install. That makes it very easy for me to order for myself or for my parents.  I don’t need to make any appointments with any technicians to run wires and set the system up for them. The system has a built in cellular alarm transmitter so there is no need to have a landline to get 24/7 monitoring.

It costs less than $15 a month to have SimpliSafe monitor your home security.  You pay by the month so there is no long term contract. You can cancel any time or stop and start your service as you please. Monitoring is optional so you don’t need to sign up for it unless you choose. If you do, and their alarm is triggered, they’ll give you a call to check in. If you’re not home, or don’t provide your safe word, they’ll send the police. Give the gift of security this year with home security monitoring systems from SimpliSafe.  Watch the video above to see how easy it is to install home security monitoring systems in any home.

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8 thoughts on “Home Security Monitoring Systems”

  1. Wow, Simplisafe sounds like a great deal. I also live rural, but have had break ins near to me. You can never be too safe. THANKS
  2. Isn't it horrible to not feel safe?  A home on my street was broken into a few years ago, and I live in a gated community! We ALL have monitoring systems now. I worry about my parents, too, as they don't live in the best neighborhood.  I had not considered this as a gift, but it would give them peace of mind, and me, too. Thank you.
  3. The fire and police station is right up the street from my home but still I often think of looking into a home security system but always change my mind because of being forced into contracts, etc. Nice to know there's an option out there like this, something my kiddo can also grasp and it's easy to setup. I've bookmarked the site to show to Mr. Man. Thanks for sharing!
  4. This would work great for some rental properties that we own that don't have a security system. I will check out the site for further costs.  Thanks for maing me aware of simplisafe

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