Easy Healthy Tips For A Healthy Life

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It’s almost summer time and I’ve started to take out my capris and shorts for the warmer weather. I’m much more sedentary during the colder weather because I don’t like to walk when it’s below freezing outside. I also tend to eat more comfort foods and baked goods over the holidays. As the temperatures warm up, I notice that I’ve gained a few pounds and am definitely NOT in the same shape I was last year in the fall. It’s time to get a renewed focus on healthy living so I’m sharing these healthy tips for a healthy life today. Products were provided, and the post contains affiliate links.
Easy Healthy Tips For A Healthy Life

Easy Healthy Tips For A Healthy Life

Living a healthy life is about more than weight for me. It’s about how I feel and how much energy I have. It’s about listening to my body when it talks to me and then making changes that make me feel better. It’s about sleep and stress and moving and living.  These are a few of the healthy tips for a healthy life that I’m adding into each day.

  • Move more. I’m not an exercise fanatic, but I do believe that moving more than you did the day before is a great goal. Most of the time, I enjoy walking and I share my daily morning walk photos on Instagram every day. At times, I also enjoy doing yoga workouts and riding my stationary bike. Whatever type of exercise you choose, I recommend you wear an athletic shoe with good support and clothes made for working out. You need to be able to move freely and athletic clothes are made to allow this. HYLETE is a premium performance apparel and gear brand designed for the modern athlete, which includes fashion-forward tops, bottoms, outerwear, and accessories. Their Stratus Collection is sweat wicking which is vital for comfort during the warmer months.

Easy Healthy Tips For A Healthy Life

  • Age gracefully. I’m not thrilled with getting older. I don’t know many women that are. One of my goals is to focus on giving my body what it needs to age gracefully. As we age, our bodies change and their needs change too. I am adding in daily supplements to improve my hair strength and volume, adding antioxidants, and taking care of my joints. NeoCell believes in helping people live healthy and active lifestyles. NeoCell is the #1 collagen brand in the world and a leader in the field of nutritional science. They are committed to finding the most innovative and effective nutraceutical supplements.

Easy Healthy Tips For A Healthy Life

  • Start healthy. All too often lately, I’ve been skipping breakfast in favor of too much coffee. While I need that caffeine kick, starting your day with a healthy breakfast is one of the most important things you can do for a good day. I’ve been starting my day with easy options like my homemade yogurt and a handful of Bare Banana Chips. Most of the banana chips you buy have added sugar which is NOT a great way to start the morning. Bare Banana Chips have no added sugar, no preservatives, and are gluten free. They are available in Simply Banana Chips, Cocoa Banana Chips, and Cinnamon Banana Chips. Plus, they’re NON-GMO Project Verified. My personal favorite is the Cocoa Banana Chips. You can also find apple and coconut chips!

Easy Healthy Tips For A Healthy Life

  • Snack right. I’m not one of those people that can give up snacks. I usually eat about every two to three hours. Instead of grabbing whatever I find in the kitchen to snack on, I am making a renewed focus on healthy snacking. I want a snack that’s both healthy and delicious with ingredients I recognize and a taste I look forward to. I want options because I know I won’t eat the same snack every single day. Lately, I’ve been enjoying KIND Snacks that are made from snacks are made from whole nuts, fruits, and whole grains. I love the KIND Bars because they are loaded with fiber, protein, and antioxidants. There are so many different varieties that I never get tired of them. Plus, they taste so good that the kids ask for them! That’s a definite win. My favorite KIND Bar is the Maple Glazed Pecan and Sea Salt variety.

Easy Healthy Tips For A Healthy Life

  • Remember the Omega-3. I don’t eat fish. I just don’t like it even though I know it’s good for me. Because I don’t eat fish, I know that I’m probably not getting the Omega-3’s that I should be.  Omega-3’s are important for brain health, skin and hair health, healthy triglycerides, joint and health mobility and mental clarity and balance. I’ve started taking Omega-3’s every day by taking Coromega Tropical Squeeze so there are no huge pills to swallow. Coromega Big Squeeze Omega-3 are a smooth and delicious way to take your Omega-3 supplement. They also offer Be Bright Non-GMO superfood oil blend that combines the five best superfood oils in a creamy, delicious, easy to use pouch.

Easy Healthy Tips For A Healthy Life

  • Watch ingredients. Have you ever been really busy so you just grab whatever’s handy to eat or drink? I have found myself doing that lately and I know it’s not good for me. I’m making a pledge to pay more attention to the ingredients in what I eat and drink to make sure they are non-GMO, whole ingredients with no added sugar. I’ve discovered a delicious new drink from RW Knudsen. Their Apple Ginger is a juice beverage from whole, ripe apples with ginger puree and lemon juice concentrate. It’s Non-GMO Project Verified and is 95% juice with no sugar added. (It’s also delicious!)

Which of my healthy tips for a healthy life will you try first?

Resources to live a healthy life:

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    I am also taking supplements for my hair. I am trying Visisical. I am so interested in all the different product you suggested...so many that i haven't seen. 
  2. I'm with you on the fish. The few that I do like aren't the ones with the omega 3 in them.  I've been seeing your walking photos and they are so pretty. It's nice when you get to live somewhere scenic, isn't it?
  3. Jenna Wood says
    All of these look like wonderful aides to living healthier- I, too, am not crazy about exercise but I do get up and move every hour- and I always take the stairs! I'd have to say my biggest, personal, health struggle is staying hydrated. I don't drink nearly enough water!
  4. I'm not much for juices or colder beverages but do love my hot ones and try to get in more fluids with decaf drinks. I'm not much of a morning eater since that's when I do my exercise, or as soon as I get up. It's a lot of yoga, Pilates, jumping around, so I need an empty stomach! I'm into taking care of my joints these days and try to get in my salmon and flax for the fatty acids. Not a fish lover but I try!

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