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School starts back up tomorrow after Christmas break and that means we need to stock up on healthy snacks. We’ve been snacking on Christmas cookies and candy from stockings and that’s enough of that! Time to get back into our normal after holiday routine.

Sarah17 tends to snack on fresh fruit. She’s easy that way and it doesn’t require a lot of planning to find things she’ll eat. All I need to do is make sure to have bags of grapes, tangerines, cherries and some bananas and we’re good to go. She’s also happy to snack on fresh broccoli and cauliflower. Not that she won’t also go for the chips if I buy them!

David13 is another story. First, he has an appetite like a football player – a big one. How he manages to stay skinny as a fence post I have no idea. So I need to find snacks that are not only healthy but filling and reasonably priced. I almost always shop with coupons when I can. I’m not a fanatic but I am definitely looking to save money when it’s possible. While I’m open to store brands, I won’t sacrifice quality or taste to save a nickel.

I rarely buy individual snack sized products. I prefer to use our own containers and baggies that I can re-use to save waste into the landfill. I like products that are low in fat and tend to lean toward the more natural products. I avoid neon purple and pink foods for the most part. I generally avoid artificial sweeteners too. I’m not saying that these foods never pop up in our grocery cart. Every now and then I find an amazing deal and treat the kids to something they don’t usually eat. I don’t make a habit of it though.

Here’s a few things I found on a recent trip to Walmart.  Our Walmart doesn’t carry fresh fruits or veggies or any dairy products but I still managed to find some healthy snacks:

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