Good Holiday Gift Ideas for Hosts and Hostesses

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If you’re traveling for the holidays, you may be wondering what good holiday gift ideas for hosts and hostesses are.   The holidays are a very hectic time, and they are even more hectic when you are having holiday guests stay at your home.  While your first thought might be food or flowers, those don’t tend to travel well at all.  If you’re coming from any distance, there are other good holiday gift ideas for hosts and hostesses that will work much better.

Gift ideas for the host and hostess

Good Holiday Gift Ideas for Hosts and Hostesses

  • Candles – A set of votive candles or box of tea light candles is a thoughtful gift idea.  They are generally small enough to travel well and you don’t need to worry that they already have one.  Choose beeswax candles for an eco-friendly gift idea.
  • Scented sachets – A bundle of lavender scented sachets will certainly be appreciated by your host or hostess.  They’ll remember you each time they open the drawer or linen closet.  For a handmade touch, make them yourself.
  • Local gifts – Consider bringing a local gift from your area.  A box of maple sugar candy from Vermont or a tin of pecans from Georgia should travel well enough and be a nice treat for someone who is not local to your area.
  • Small bowls – Smaller bowls are ideal for someone who entertains.  They can be used for a variety of sauces, condiments, and dips.  Choose something unique and distinctive to make your gift truly memorable.

Beautiful bowls will make the perfect addition to any table setting.  Bright, floral bowls are both festive and functional.  A smaller bowl is ideal to use at the next party where you serve salsa, dips, or even mustard and mayonnaise.   They’re the ideal size for entertaining or for individual servings of fruit cocktail or Greek yogurt and fresh fruit for breakfast.  Take a look at my Raspberries & Clementines Romanoff with Creme Fraiche recipe for a fun holiday appetizer.

Do you have any good holiday gift ideas for hosts and hostesses?

Gift ideas for the host and hostess


  1. Love those bowls and now I want some for myself
  2. Grace Hodgin says
    I've received sachets before and appreciate them each time I open my drawers and smell the wonderful fragrance.
  3. I love shopping local shops - beats carrying gifts through airport
  4. Still Blonde after all these YEARS says
    The bowl are just perfect.  When you come and visit me, bring them.  SO CUTE!  I think Vivaterra  has nailed it. 
  5. Jenna Wood says
    I really love the coloring on those VivaTerra Bowls, also a big fan of gifting candles as a hostess gift!
  6. I love the bowl! Everything is so cute at Vivaterra!
  7. Sandy a la Mode says
    i like the idea of local gifts!
  8. i do so love when my company comes with presents :) Those are pretty!

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