Gifts That Teenage Boys Will Love

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Do you know of any gifts that teenage boys will love? I struggle with this every year. Girls are easy: makeup, clothes, jewelry. Boys? Not so much. It seems like every year I struggle with finding the perfect gifts for my son. 

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Gifts teenage boys will love

Gifts That Teenage Boys Will Love

It was so much easier to shop for my son when he was little. Now that he’s a teenager, it seems like it’s a much more difficult process. Here are ten gifts that work for him every single year.

  1. Earbuds for his iPhone. For some reason, he goes through these like water. I get him several pairs at Christmas time so he has some on hand.
  2. Candy. We don’t go crazy with this, but there are a few types of chocolates that he enjoys that we buy for his stocking.
  3. Gift Cards. Whether for iTunes or clothes at his favorite store, gift cards are always welcome.
  4. Video Games. Whatever their game system of choice is, I’m sure they have a list of games they’d like for the holidays.
  5. DVDs or Movies. My son always has at least five movies he MUST have for Christmas each year.
  6. Razors. These are always welcome. Add in their favorite shaving cream as well. Get the good 5-blade razors.
  7. Favorite Beverage. For my son, it’s hot chocolate. For my daughter’s boyfriend, it’s energy drinks. Whatever it is, pick up a box and wrap it up.
  8. Car Accessories. If your son is driving, he’ll appreciate car deodorizers, ice scrapers, dry gas or a gift card to the local oil change shop.
  9. Money. Nothing says I love you like a few $20 tucked in their Christmas stocking.
  10. AXE Body Products. Daily Fragrance, Antiperspirant Stick, Shower Gel and Shampoo – Conditioner. My son has been an Axe fan since he became a teenager.

Gifts that teenage boys will love

This year, gift the gift of style with gift packs that will keep everyone on your list looking and feeling good. Walmart has a wide range of gift packs from some of your favorite brands like AXE, Dove, and Caress at prices you’ll love. Unwrap the joy of freshness this holiday season with a great gift pack.

Gifts teenage boys will love

You can find these Holiday Gift Sets at Walmart:

  • AXE® Harmony Holiday Gift Pack
  • AXE® Apollo Holiday Gift Pack
  • AXE® Anarchy Holiday Gift Pack
  • AXE® Phoenix Holiday Gift Pack
  • Dove® Deep Moisture Gift Bag
  • Dove Men + Care Extra Fresh Gift Pack

Gifts teenage boys will love

I love that these AXE gift packs come with a toiletry bag. It’s a convenient way to store the products and a fun gift idea. Plus, I was able to “hide” part of his gift inside the toiletry bag to surprise him.

Just wrap each AXE product in Christmas paper and then wrap a strip of brown Kraft paper around the center.  Place money over that and tie with twine or ribbon. Top with a festive bow and place them back in the toiletry bag. Then wrap the toiletry bag and let them be surprised!

Do you know of any gifts that teenage boys will love? I struggle with this every year. Girls are easy: makeup, clothes, jewelry. Boys? Not so much.

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  1. Great ideas! I really like Dove Men products. I think those makes great gifts for any man! I giggled at your wrapping paper! What a great idea to add a $5 bill to the present. I know ANY teenager would appreciate that!
  2. Axe is always a good choice for guys whether they're teenagers or all grown up. The boys need to smell good, not like they normally smell. ;)

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