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Last Updated on March 26, 2023 by Ellen Christian

Have you ever wondered how to find natural pet food near you? I live in a somewhat rural location, so our shopping selection isn’t the best at our grocery store. There are many times that I’m looking for a particular product, and I just cannot find it. This can be true for any specialized diet whether that’s for our pets or ourselves. Scout and Heather have been having some stomach issues, and we wanted to experiment with a grain-free cat food to see if that helped.  

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Only Natural Pet Food Available Now at PetSmart Stores and Online

Only Natural Pet Food Available Now at PetSmart

We considered making our cat’s food ourselves, but honestly, I don’t have time. I know that a raw diet is a healthy option, but I know that it’s a time commitment that I just cannot make. Only Natural Pet offers raw, dehydrated pet foods and treats for the times that I want to easily incorporate raw foods into their diets. Our cats had the chance to try the Cage Free Chicken and Wild Caught Tuna treats and enjoyed them both. I like knowing that these options are  single-ingredient and grain-free treats.

For those who want a traditional kibble cat food, Only Natural Pet offers a Rabbit Dinner that comes in kibble form. It’s a high-protein, grain, and soy free dry cat food with a unique PowerBoost blend of mussels, pumpkin, turmeric, probiotics, and enzymes. It also has Omega 3 and Fatty Acids which makes it an excellent choice for a healthy cat food. It has 65% animal based ingredients and is also grain free. PLUS, it’s 100% carbon neutral which is a wonderful plus for our environment.


Feeding a high protein pet food helps your pet feel full which can help them lose weight. Just like eating a protein rich meal helps us feel full and stops us from snacking between meals, a high protein diet can offer the same benefits to our pets. Since our cats are a tad on the chunky side, this is a plus for our family. Grain-based pet foods also tend to be higher in carbohydrates which may not be the best choice for some pets.

Only Natural Pet Food Available Now at PetSmart Stores and Online

Only Natural Pet also offers a canned wet food for kitties that enjoy a moist dinner.  It’s made with farm fresh shredded chicken in gravy and is grain free. I love that they use cage-free chickens breast and that it’s carrageenan free. It’s scary what some pet foods contain when you look at the ingredients. Learn more about Only Natural Pet on their website.


Only Natural Pet is a leading, natural, sustainable pet food brand that can be found at your local PetSmart and online at Their pet foods feature natural, clean ingredients, sustainable business practices, and human-quality products which is what I want for my cats. If you’re looking for a natural, grain free cat food or dog food, look for Only Natural Pet food the next time you’re at PetSmart.

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