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Entertaining is a big part of what our Christmas and New Year’s celebrations are about.  We have over friends and family to enjoy the holidays with.  The kids have their friends over during the extended break from school.  I try to have on hand a selection of Christmas cookies, snacks, finger food and appetizers to take care of everyone’s needs. It seems like everyone wants to have something different to drink.  My Dad wants coffee.  My Mom wants tea.  My daughter wants something cold with no calories. My son wants a sports drink.   I honestly don’t have room in my refrigerator to hold five different containers of beverages to keep everyone happy. You don’t want to tell your guests that you don’t have what they’d like to drink so there has to be a different solution.

Esio Hot and Cold Beverage System

Esio Hot and Cold Beverage System

I’ve recently learned about a new hot and cold beverage system by Esio.  I have never seen a beverage system that could make both hot and cold drinks unless you add ice to make them cold.  The Esio Hot & Cold Beverage System will serve your lemonade cold and your coffee hot with no added ice.  Once you fill your Esio Countertop with 1.75 gallons of water, you have a steady supply of hot and cold drinks any time you want them.  It  doesn’t just have a heating element to create hot water, it also has a compressor to refrigerate cold water.  It has a ½ gallon hot water tank and a ½ gallon cold water tank, as well as an almost-gallon-sized reservoir to refill the tanks as you make drinks.  I love that it dispenses the drinks already cold and that I don’t need to add ice which just ends up watering down my drink.

Esio hot and cold beverage system

The Esio Hot and Cold Beverage System uses resealable Esio beverage E-Paks.  You just drop in the E-Pak that has the beverage you want to drink. set the strength selector to choose how strong you want your beverage, and press the blue button for cold or the red button for hot. In order to dispense hot water, you have to press and lock another button. I love this added safety feature to keep the children from accidentally pressing the wrong button.  After you press the button, The Esio automatically dispenses and mixes your beverage.  When you’re done, just remove the E-Pak and put it away until you need it next time.  It automatically reseals and it stays good for a year!

Esio hot and cold beverage system

The Esio Hot and Cold Beverage System is very simple to you.  I took it from the box and removed the packaging, plugged it in, and added water.  I waited for a light to tell me it was ready. It takes 8 minutes to be ready for a hot beverage and 30 minutes to be ready for a cold beverage when you fill it up.  The green light comes on when it’s ready and an orange light will blink when you need to add more water.  I chose the drink I wanted which wasn’t easy considering that they have all these things to choose from (coffees, teas, juices, sports drinks, juice drinks, and classics like Crystal Light and Country Time Lemonade). I decided to treat myself to a cold glass of China Mist Passion Fruit Iced Tea and it was delicious!  These are the types of e-paks we received. The e-paks cost between $4.97 and $6.98 each.

Country Time Lemonade, Crystal Light Peach Iced Tea, Apple and Eve Low Calorie Apple Juice, Fearless Fruit Punch Zero Calorie Activity Drink, Crystal Light Energy Wild Strawberry Drink, Lipton Brisk Lemon Iced Tea, V8 Splash Diet Tropical Blend, Maxwell House Hazelnut Coffee, China Mist Passion Fruit, Crystal Lite Mocktail Margarita, Vita 24 Mixed Berry, and the Barista Brothers Premium Roast Coffee.   While there is a huge range of beverages available, I would love it if they made one with stevia or another type of natural sweetener in the future.

Esio hot and cold beverage system

Each of the e-paks makes up to fourteen glasses depending on what size you make.  Each serving costs between .36 and .46 cents per 8 ounce glass.   Every compact MultiServe beverage E-Pak takes the place of seven 16-ounce bottles or nine 12-ounce cans which makes this a very eco-friendly choice for those trying to reduce the trash their purchases generate.  The dial allows you to change the strength of the beverage to suit your taste preferences which I really appreciate.  I do not like overly sweet beverages so it’s very easy for me to just dial it down before making mine.   The Esio Hot and Cold Beverage System stands about 15″ high, about 12″ wide and about 16″ deep so it takes up a fair amount of our counter space.   If you live in a small house or have an older kitchen, clearance and space may be an issue for you.

Esio hot and cold beverage system

If you’re looking for a gift for a busy mom this year, I definitely recommend the Esio Hot & Cold Beverage System.  This is the perfect gift to let you entertain with ease.   No more juggling five different containers of drinks in the refrigerator. No more worrying about making a jug of iced tea for only one person and then wasting the rest when it doesn’t get used.   I can have my father’s favorite coffee and my mom’s favorite iced tea on hand whenever I need them. Then I can use them once and put them away until they visit next time.  The Esion Hot and Cold Beverage System can be purchased from or from select Walmarts for $199.

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