Electric Shaving Tips for Women with Sensitive Skin

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These electric shaving tips are perfect for the woman who has sensitive skin. For me, shaving often results in bumps and red irritated skin. It’s itchy, uncomfortable and doesn’t look great when you’re wearing shorts or a dress. And, it can lead to ingrown hairs and infections. 

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Electric Shaving Tips for Women with Sensitive Skin

Electric Shaving Tips for Women

There are a lot of electric shaving tips out there but many of them are for men and are geared toward shaving your face. Since that isn’t where I’m shaving, I’ve found myself at a bit of a loss.

Through trial and experimentation, I’ve come up with a shaving routine that helps me shave without irritation.

What’s the best way to shave with an electric razor?

Make sure that your razor is fully charged and clean of hair from previous uses. A dirty razor won’t give you a close shave. And, it can result in staph infections.

Finally, using a foil razor (like the Philips SatinShave Advanced) will give you a closer and less irritating shave than using a blade.

Electric Shaving Tips for Women with Sensitive Skin

Is it better to shave wet or dry with an electric razor?

That really depends on the type of razor you use. A wet/dry razor will be able to shave equally well wet or dry. The Philips SatinShave Advanced razor can be used wet or dry, in or out of the tub, with an anti-slip grip for easy handling.

Follow these electric shaving tips so you get the closest shave possible even with sensitive skin.

How often should you electric shave?

That really depends on your lifestyle. It can be tempting to not shave if no one is going to see your legs. Sometimes I wonder when I’m bundled up in long pants and wool socks.

But, shaving is an important part of self-care. And, to be honest, shaving regularly can help me feel good about myself. At 53, that’s important to me so I have been making it a priority.

the coil head of an electric razor

How do you get a close shave with an electric razor?

An electric razor with a foil head, like the Philips SatinShave Advanced razor, will give you a closer shave. The floating foil shaving head maintains close skin contact for an even shave.

And, the pearl tip trimmers next to the foil protect your sensitive skin from irritation.

It’s designed to reach curvy areas on your legs and body for less missed hairs. The S-shaped handle allows for a better reach all over your body.

Your skin changes as you get older, but Philips SatinShave Advanced can help you keep your skin looking and feeling smooth when following these electric shaving tips.

Electric Shaving Tips for Women with Sensitive Skin

Electric shaver vs razor

For years, I just used whatever cheap disposable razor I had on hand. Then, I started using my husband’s five-blade disposable. And, I was still getting cuts and nicks on my legs.

No matter what I did, I could not get a close shave that didn’t irritate my skin. After following the electric shaving tips below, I get a nice, close shave that doesn’t irritate my skin at all even if I need to dry shave.

  • Start with a fully charged electric razor. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 1 hour of cordless usage after an 8-hour charge.
  • Choose a razor with a coil like the Philips SatinShave Advanced for a closer shave.
  • Make sure the shaver is clean and free of hair.
  • Exfoliate your skin before shaving to open the pores.
  • Shave upwards against the grain of the hair.

a razor soap and path puff on the tub

Benefits of using an electric razor

Another reason that I like using the Philips SatinShave Advanced is that it cuts down on the waste of disposable razors. Did you know that most razors cannot be recycled because they contain mixed material?

That means you are tossing them or the blade cartridge and packaging in the landfill each time you use them.

If you want to try these electric shaving tips with your own Philips SatinShave Advanced, you can find them on Amazon, Use the promo code SATINSHAVE at checkout for 10% off. If you buy one, write a review on Amazon and share your thoughts.

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