DIY Valentine Gifts: Chevron Candy Tin

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To me, handmade gifts mean more than store bought gifts.  DIY Valentine gifts can be made for your husband, children or whoever that special person is in your life.  There is still plenty of time to make something special.  You don’t need to resort to the same old box of candy or bouquet of flowers this year. Marty loves candy but he tries to be careful about how much he eats since he is diabetic.  We generally choose individually wrapped candies so he can portion out an appropriate sized serving each time rather than be tempted by a huge open box of chocolate.

Chevron Candy Tin - DIY Valentine's Day Gift

DIY Valentine Gifts

Of course, I don’t want to just give him a bag of Valentine’s Day candy.  That’s not fun or romantic to me.  Instead, I started thinking about DIY Valentine gifts that I could create to hold the Valentine candy. Oriental Trading had a white tin box that I decided to upcycle with ribbon, paper and flowers.  I turned it into a cute Valentine candy container.

DIY Valentine Gifts





DIY Valentine Gifts

  • Measure the paper to fit the tin and cut out. You may need to use two pieces of paper. Just be careful where you match them up.
  • Cut out the area around the lock and/or hinges.

DIY Valentine Gifts

  • Add another strip of paper and/or coordinating ribbon around the top if you like.

DIY Valentine Gifts

  • Decorate with paper flowers, rhinestones, pearls or whatever embellishments you have.
  • Decorate the top if you want or leave it plain.
  • Fill with candy or other Valentine treats.

DIY Valentines Gift

You could easily decorate this tin for any season or holiday.  I think I may do a “glam/fashion” one for my bedroom to hold nail polish and beauty supplies at some point.

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  1. I really kind sorta ACTUALLY totally LOVE THIS! Que Bella! Bellisimo! Beautiful!
  2. I love homemade gifts. Especially ones that can be used again for other things. What a cute project.
  3. I LOVE this!  What a cute idea and then you can use it all year long for storage.  It's seriously adorable and very creative.
  4. that is really cute, Ellen!! i love it!!  
  5. That is so super cute! I love it!
  6. That is a great looking Valentine's day tin. I never would have thought you could put paper on them and it would stick! (And now I want chocolate!)
  7. How cute - this would even be great to use to wrap a gift!! Love it!! Pinned & Tweeted!
  8. I love anything pink and I love chevron. This is such a fun craft.
  9. I love the colors!  So cute!  It would make a great gift container too!  
  10. That is so cute. I love the Chevron print paper! Maybe once the candy is all gone your hubby will let you have the container. :)
  11. I really LOVE this idea! It looks professionally done, it's THAT good lol. My daughter would love making this to hold her candy and valentines in.
  12. Your decorated tin turned out adorable! 
  13. Oh my! I love this, my daughter loves doing various arts and craft things - well so do my boys. I think this would be something she would enjoy making, after all she needs a tin to hide her chocolate in for her monthly chocolate fix ;-)
  14. So cute! I bet that anybody would love to get that full of candy for valentines :)
  15. I love how that turned out, Ellen! The polka dots with chevron are so cute together!
  16. What a super cute idea, my daughter would love this. So simple!
  17. So cute!!
  18. My mom made me a recipe box when I got married that was similar to this. It has the scrapbook feel to it, and my name on it. I love it - and I think this is a great idea for Valentines!
  19. So cute!  Thanks for sharing this great DIY Valentine's Day idea.  This looks like fun.
  20. That's so cute!!! A lot easier than I would have anticipated and what a difference it makes!
  21. If you want, you can make one for me too. I love pink. And chocolate.
  22. Love it!  It's very creative and would make the cutest gift. I might attempt to make one for Valentine's Day for my daughter and throw in some nail polish and lip gloss. :)
  23. This is super cute! Even to hold all those "Valentines".
  24. I love this!  It is absolutely adorable.  We have to make candy holders for school every year and this is a great idea.
  25. Thank you, Ellen. This is a great DIY craft that even I think I can do and the tin is really cute, that's the best part of it :)
  26. This is so cute! I would love to have it on my desk for random supplies. 
  27. What a great idea!  My daughter would love to make these.
  28. Super cute! You could decorate these in any color combo for a ton of different ideas. It would make great storage for craft or office supplies, too
  29. I love the flower embellishment on the top. That is just the perfect finishing touch.
  30. What a great little tin and a very cute way to upcycle.
  31. i've recently been bitten by the crafty bug again and have been making things left and right.  This tin is adorable and something my daughter can take in and collect her valentine's in.
  32. I know my little girls would love this! I have so many little cases around too that could serve as the main base to be decorated. Thank you for sharing this idea! 
  33. I have a nine year old that would love this. She would treasure it, she would say!
  34. So cute! I love anything with a Chevron pattern! 
  35. That is a super cute candy tin. We're currently using a Doctor Who Tardis one in our bedroom but I might do this DIY for our living room :)
  36. This would be perfect for a Valentine's day mailbox! I think I might make one for our class
  37. That's super cute!! Thanks for sharing!
  38. This turned out beautiful, Ellen! It's perfect for filling with sweet Valentine treats. I like that it can later be reused for something else. 
  39. This one is so cute! I would rather keep it for my daughter than giving it out. wakaka
  40. Amanda Tucker says:
    That is soooo adorable! Chevron is so in now and I can see why. What a great gift for Valentines day! 


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