How to Create a Safe Space for Your Baby

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Figuring out how to create a safe space for your baby is probably one of the first things a new parent thinks of. There are so many dangers in your home that seem perfectly harmless at first glance. While we all think of things like cleaning agents and hot kitchen appliances, there are things that may not be as obvious. Thank you to the sponsor for providing a giveaway prize for one of my readers.

How to Create a Safe Space for Your Baby

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How to Create a Safe Space for Your Baby

When you get ready to bring your baby home from the hospital, you probably already have the basics like a place for them to sleep and clothes for them to wear. I know that I spent many glorious months putting together the baby’s room as I got closer to my due date. While I didn’t go overboard with what I bought, I did try to think of everything that I might need for a safe space. Here are a few things that you may or may not have considered.

A Humidifier

I remember the first time my daughter got a cold, and it was heartbreaking. Of course, the doctor recommended a cool mist humidifier to add moisture back into the air. This can help with croup and also with dry skin that may happen during the colder, winter months when the furnace is on.

Bathing Supplies

One of the things I was probably most worried about was bathing my daughter properly. I worried about the water temperature, the cold air, how frequently I should bathe her, and any number of other things. I highly recommend a spout cover with a digital temperature display. That way the spout is covered to avoid accidents and you know exactly what temperature the water is.

Safe Toys

Even infants need to be stimulated and offering them a few safe infant toys is a wonderful way to do that. But, what’s a safe toy? Since babies put everything in their mouths, a safe toy should be free of any harmful toxins and should be BPA-free.

Bottle Sterilization

Whether you breast or bottle feed, you will want to have a steam sterilizer on hand to be certain that your bottles and breast pump parts are free of germs. The steam sterilizer from Avent can sterilize your bottles, nipples, breast pumps, cups and more while at home or while traveling.

No matter what you choose to create a safe space for your baby, you’ll find it at where they have everything you need for your new baby and growing child. They spend hundreds of hours researching to find the best products so you can spend your time on the things that are really important in life, like your new baby. They offer exceptional products to parents in a unique, fun, & rewarding shopping experience that helps you to fill your “cubby” with only things that you love.

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