Craft Room Storage DIY

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Check out this easy craft room storage DIY. Learn how to organize your craft room for cheap with these craft supply storage ideas.

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Craft Room Storage DIY

Craft Room Storage DIY

Craft room storage is something I’ve been giving a lot of thought to.  Like my office, my craft room is my living room.  I keep my craft supplies in the living room and then craft in the kitchen at the table.  

Some day I would love to have a real craft room but for now, I’ll have to deal with what I have. When I bring craft supplies into the house, I need to be aware of what kind of craft room storage I have.

I don’t want huge piles of craft supplies out in the open for everyone to see. I tend to keep things in drawers but then I forget what is inside and it all gets mixed together so I can’t find anything.

Supplies for this DIY

I started with a simple organizer from the dollar store that has three drawers.  Then, I labeled each drawer with what I wanted to store in it. Finally, I used the Silhouette Cameo to make the letters for each drawer.  It’s very simple to do. Just open up the software on your computer and write your phrase or words.  

You can choose all sorts of different fonts and re-size things easily to fit the area you are working in. Once that is done, you just connect the Silhouette Cameo to your computer and load the paper on the special cutting mat. Carefully remove the letters and glue or tape them on your organizer.

You will not believe how easy it is to use the Silhouette Cameo. No more trying to cut things out on the lines without destroying them.   Everything is the same size and neatly cut. I made my letters out of regular scrapbook paper you can buy at the craft store.

Silhouette craft projects: Framed Irish Proverb #silhouettechallenge

Save on Silhouette

I’ve teamed up with Silhouette to bring you crafts, discounts and giveaways every month.  If you aren’t familiar with Silhouette, it’s a really neat crafting and cutting machine. It can cut paper, vinyl, and fabric for all sorts of neat projects.  You can do words  as well as all sorts of neat shapes and designs.

You can create your own designs or you can buy designs from Silhouette to use.  There are even free designs you can download. I’m using the Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition software on mine.

From July 1 to July 10, Silhouette has a great discount going on.

  1. Silhouette CAMEO® plus the Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition software for $269.99
  2. Silhouette Portrait™ plus the Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition software for $129.99
  3. The Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition software for $24.99

Use the code CONFESSIONS at checkout to get these discounted prices. Remember, you only have until July 10 to get the discount so don’t wait too long.

10 thoughts on “Craft Room Storage DIY”

  1. Okay ~ I have serious envy going on!  I  have not  heard of this before but I want one bad now!  Your storage looks fantastic.  I really need to get mine better organized. It would save me so much time.  I have put it on my wish list, but I know it will be after the first of the year.  Thanks for the heads up!
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  3. I am spending my whole weekend organizing my craft space aka my dining room so you couldn't have picked a better project to link up. Thanks for sharing at All Things Pretty!
  4. I've been hearing lots about this silhouette lately, I'd love to see a tutorial on how to use it. Sounds like a great thing to have around. Organization is the key to having your craft room functional.
  5. What do you mean you don't want craft stuff all over? I didn't know there was any other way! Your drawers look great.
  6. Same here, even worst. I don't have a big storage space for my supplies and I stocked up too much. I also need to bring crafts supplies from one place to another place. The craft organizer is a great help. I wish that I can afford a Cameo but Big Shot is my biggest affordable investment, just need to make the most use of it.
  7. Great Idea to dress up a plain old organizer!  I would love to have a Silhouette, I may have to check it out!
  8. I just got my Cameo and LOVE IT!! Can't wait to start using for crafts like this!!...and for my business, oh yeah, I forgot about that!! ha/ha  Pinned & Tweeted!

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