Cooking Healthy Meals at Home

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Did you ever find yourself in a rut when you’re cooking healthy meals at home? It seems like I make the same meals over and over again. Sometimes I’d like to do something a little bit different especially when it’s just Marty and I enjoying the occasional night alone. This post has been sponsored and product has been provided.

Cooking healthy meals at home

Cooking Healthy Meals at Home

We recently had a rare weekend alone when the kids were off with their friends doing their own thing. I wanted to do something special for dinner without spending a ton of time in the kitchen. I didn’t want to spend my whole weekend shopping, dicing, chopping and cooking after all.

On nights like that, I have discovered that a food delivery service like Marley Spoon is invaluable. Marley Spoon brings together seasonal ingredients and simple, delicious recipes so all you need to do is focus on cooking that special meal. They have relationships with sustainable suppliers and begin with fresh ingredients.

Cooking healthy meals at home

All you need to do is select your taste preferences and choose from 7 different recipes. Recipes include a mixture of meat, fish and vegetarian options from quality produce. Their most popular plan is 3 meals for 2 people per week but you can choose options for up to 8 people per week depending on your family size.

Each week you receive an email with the recipe offerings for the week. You log into your account and select what you want or change your preferences. They’ll ship you everything you need to create the meal along with a colorful recipe sheet with step by step directions. Everything is included except for some basics like oil, salt and pepper.

Cooking healthy meals at home

I received the Pancetta Wrapped Pork Tenderloin with Farro Salad and the Spicy Tom Yum Soup with Vermicelli and Tempeh to try. Each of their meals is ready in 20-40 minutes which is perfect for my time frame. All of the ingredients are wrapped separately and labeled so you know exactly what everything is. Then you just follow the easy directions to prepare your meal.

Everything arrived to me fresh and in very good condition. I love how easy the entire process was. Although they say that the recipe only serves two people, we easily had leftovers for the next day to enjoy for lunch.  I had never tried Farro or Tempeh before so both meals were a fun adventure and I now have two new favorites to enjoy.

My readers can enjoy a special discount at Marley Spoon. You can save $40 off your first order by entering DELICIOUS25 at checkout.

Cooking healthy meals at home - spicy tom yum soup with vermicelli and tempeh


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  1. Looks like a fancy meal! I hope you and your husband enjoyed your dinner and your time together.
  2. That soup looks delicious! Looks like a very convenient service!
  3. Laura “Lolli” Franklin says
    I bet that smells and tastes incredible! I love that this dish is so colorful. Yum!!
  4. Wow, the Marley Spoon service sounds like something we would enjoy! We're horrible at planning out our dinners and half the time end up with something unhealthy. This service might be our answer!!! Thanks for sharing (the food looks delicious too!)
  5. I love to try  new foods, but my family is pretty stagnant when it comes to trying a surprise. This sounds like it would be low-risk for all of us.
  6. We just started using a meal delivery service to give us some variety in what we eat. So far it is WELL worth the price!
  7. What a delicious soup! I love all of the fresh ingredients!

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