Benefits of Natural Herbal Supplements

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I try very yard to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s one of those things that’s really important to me so I research and learn and try to stay on track with my goals. No matter how hard you try to make healthy choices, there are times you just aren’t feeling up to par. Maybe you ate too much, didn’t sleep well or you’re just feeling less than amazing. 

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Benefits of natural herbal supplements

Benefits of Natural Herbal Supplements

When I do have one of those days, I often turn to a supplement to help get me back on track.  A supplement is basically a dietary aid that adds “further nutritional value” according to the FDA. This can be a vitamin, mineral, herb or other botanical. Just like there are differences in the foods we eat, there are differences in the supplements we take. I have been researching the benefits of natural herbal supplements to learn more about what I should be taking.

One of the obvious benefits of natural herbal supplements is that they come from food sources. Your body will be able to absorb the benefits from this type of supplement more easily than it will from one that has artificial ingredients. Look at the label carefully when you choose your supplement.

Benefits of natural herbal supplements

The best way to be certain you’re choosing a natural herbal supplement is to look at the ingredients. Do the ingredients look like things that you recognize? Or are there a lot of chemicals, additives and fillers mixed in as well? Try to choose a natural herbal supplement that has as few ingredients as possible.  Look for ingredients that are based on whole foods that you recognize.

Many supplements have added fillers and binders that are man made rather than natural. These are not necessary and should be avoided. A quality natural herbal supplement will be based on herbs, roots, seeds, fruits and vegetables and not ingredients from a laboratory. Choosing supplements that are Non-GMO Project Verified is another way to ensure you’re getting a natural herbal supplement.

Benefits of natural herbal supplements

BioTerra Herbs offers Non-GMO Project Verified natural herbal dietary supplements. Their healthy, drug free supplements are gluten free, natural and vegan.  They are symptom-based herbs that help your body’s natural healing process.

  • Detox … ahhh – This natural herbal supplement eliminates toxins, provides gentle internal cleansing and supports liver function. Unlike those 14 day cleanses, the Detox … ahhh supplement is a two day detox program. This supplement contains dandelion, dong quai, fo-ti, cassia, chinese rhubarb, licorice, tienchi ginseng, bai-zhu atractylodes, mangosteen and aloe vera.
  • Energy … boing – This energy supplement helps to boost energy and enhance your energy without stimulants. It contains Asian gingseng, ophiopogon, schisandra and grass leaf sweetflag. No jitters and no crash – just natural herbal energy for a little boost.
  • Digestion … belch – Digestion reduces bloating and gas and relieves stomach discomfort.  Perfect for that bloated, I ate too much feeling. This supplement contains Chinese rhubarb, sparganium, betelnut palm, zeodary and orange.
  • Sleep … z-z-z – This natural herbal supplement relieves occasional sleeplessness and promotes resful sleep. It contains jujube, Chinese salvia, schisandra and turmeric. No groggy feeling when you wake up.

I love that there are 100% drug free alternatives to some of the common health problems that I suffer from. I found the supplements to be easy to take with no aftertaste. You don’t need to use these every single day. They are symptom based and should be taken when you have symptoms that need to be addressed.  That is a huge plus for me since I’d rather not take pills every single day when I have no symptoms.

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Benefits of natural herbal supplements

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  1. I learned that Bio Terra Herbs does not make single herb supplements because by mixing more than one herb together, it creates a synergistic effect thus boosting the overall effectiveness of their products.
  2. I learned they also have a JOB rescue kit with a Mental Focus and Stress pack, two herbal supplements I'm also interested in. I don't take any prescriptions, only herbal meds if I need them. I manage my IBS that way, mainly with herbal teas, which is so much cheaper and safer as well. I'd love any of the 4 in the giveaway, especially Energy!
  3. I love this post, great info! I always feel lost when I read supplement labels lol. Excited to try these products :)

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