Are you prepared for summer? 5 Must Haves!

Last Updated on September 23, 2020 by Ellen Christian

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Summer is pretty much here in Vermont and has probably been in your area for a while now if you live to the south.  I believe in being prepared for whatever the seasons have in store for you because I’d rather be safe than sorry. Here are ust a few things that I make sure to pick up to prepare for the summer.

1.  Sun protection lotion. With the amount of time the kids and I spend outside in the sum, there’s no way that’s going to happen without having a good sunscreen.  I tend to go with an SPF 30+ for the kids and I. When they were younger, I chosen an SPF 50.

2.  Extra water.  I always make sure that whether the kids are outside playing or I’m outside working in the yard, I have an extra bottle of water with me.  Dehydration isn’t fun and you may not always recognize the signs. Be prepared just in case.  You can attach it to your bike, have the kids toss it in their backpack or put it in your gardneing bucket. Don’t forget water for your pets too!

3.  Bug spray. I cannot stand bugs.  I always make sure that I have a bottle of bug spray (all natural of course) with me when I’m outside.  They don’t tend to bother my husband as much but they like me!

4.  Spare sunglasses for the kids. Kids are more active in the summer and they tend to break their frames more often. Zenni Optical offers low cost eyewear and in today’s economy, that’s a good thing.  With the extra money, I can take the kids on a few extra day trips this summer. I always look for  affordable prescription eyeglasses.

5.  First aid spray.  With all the time the kids spend outside, there are constant bug bites, scrapes, cuts and bruises that need dealt with.  I keep a first aid spray in the medicine chest & our car first aid kit at all times just in case.

What are a few thing syou consider must haves for summer?

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9 thoughts on “Are you prepared for summer? 5 Must Haves!”

  1. I, too, agree with the list. The problem is that I always forget to take bug spray everywhere I go. I do not know why I never remember.
  2. Oh those are SO true!! My boy has already broken his glasses and not even a full 24 hrs AFTER we purchased them!! You always need a good back up pair!!
  3. I totally agree with all 5 of your must haves especially the bug spray, water and sunglasses. In the summer I'm more active and on the go and usually have a reading bucket list so my must have is a good large stylish tote bag. I also use lip balm w/ moisturizer and SPF and my last MUST have is a solar shade for the car one for the front and one for the back windows. Cars can get really hot especially the interiors during the summer and I've been burned by a seat belt buckle on the arm before so I make it a point to use window shades for the front and back windshields. Since I have health issues I also use a personal fan and an auto fan that plugs in the cigarette lighter to help the car cool faster when the AC is on I also try to park in the shade when I can too which helps a lot

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