An Eco-Friendly Way to Wrap Presents Using Japanese Furoshiki

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Are you looking for an eco-friendly way to wrap presents? Instead of using wrapping paper that you throw away when you wrap gifts, use the Japanese art of fabric folding, Furoshiki.  Fabric folding can be used to wrap a present, carry a platter of cookies, create a holder for a houseplant or wrap a wine bottle.

Furoshiki Wrap

Eco-Friendly Way to Wrap Presents

You can use fabric from your craft closet, new fabric you purchase at the craft store, a vintage scarf or even a bandana!  I am using a pretty blue and black scarf to wrap a box of chocolates for my Mom for Mother’s Day. This particular wrap is called the basic carry wrap.  There are a lot of other types of fabric wraps for different shaped and sized items.


1.  Select a scarf or piece of fabric large enough to use as a wrap.

Furoshiki Wrap

2.  Position the gift so that a corner of the wrap is exposed at the bottom and fold up.

Eco-Friendly Way to Wrap Presents Using Japanese Furoshiki

3.  Roll the gift upwards until there is only a small corner of the wrap exposed. Then flip it forward.

Furoshiki wrap

4.  Pinch the sides tightly and bring firmly toward the center and tie a knot making sure that bottom corner shows out in the middle.

Eco-Friendly Way to Wrap Presents Using Japanese Furoshiki

5.  Present your gift and either let the recipient keep the wrap or take it home to use again.  Try this for Mother’s Day and wrap your present with a pretty scarf for Mom.  I found this project in Furoshiki Fabric Wraps. There are all sorts of folds you can create including some that will make a cute handbag or even a basket wrap.  Start with plain muslin and have your kids decorate it with eco-friendly markers.

For more fun Japanese fabric folding crafts and to learn this eco-friendly way to wrap presents, I recommend you pick up a copy of the book!
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  1. love finding new ways to go green. Never thought about wrapping in cloth!
  2. Cheryl Malandrinos says
    This is a really neat idea. I never would have thought of it. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Richard Hicks says
    This is very intersting way to wrap gifts. Never occurred to me and would work in an emergency if run out of reg. paper

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