7 Tips for Managing Diabetes More Easily

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Looking for tips for managing diabetes? When my husband and I were first married, we never thought that diabetes would be something that he’d have to deal with. He had always been active in high school in sports and was in good physical condition. While he never had the best eating habits, he stayed in shape because he was always on the move.


7 Tips for Managing Diabetes

One day while he was moving wood, he hurt his back and after physical therapy, steroid injections and surgery, he has permanent nerve damage and walks with a cane. Because of the pain, he’s no longer able to be as active as he’d like. Lifestyle change, medication and getting older have had a negative impact on his health that resulted in Type 2 Diabetes which is otherwise known as adult-onset diabetes.

We hadn’t really ever given much thought to diabetes at this point but once we learned that he had it, we tried to learn as much as we could. We signed up for a free class at our local doctor’s office that was geared toward those who had been newly diagnosed. I’m sharing these 7 tips for managing diabetes in hopes that they help someone else going through this.

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Whole Body

Diabetes is a whole body condition that can impact many areas of your life. We learned that we needed to visit his primary care doctor, a podiatrist to check his feet, an eye specialist to monitor any vision changes and a dentist to keep oral infections away.

Monitor Daily

Monitor your blood glucose or blood sugar every day. Marty was resistant to this at first but it really is vital to keeping your diabetes under control.

As Directed

Take any medication as directed. This isn’t one of those things you can skip or only take occasionally. Follow your doctor’s prescription exactly.

Add Exercise

Add exercise to your daily routine. Check with your doctor to see what they recommend. Because Marty is disabled, he has limitations on what he can do. He still works on being active each day.

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Food Log

Keep a food log. One of the first things that Marty needed to understand was carbohydrates, fiber, and sugar and how they work together. Keeping a food log will help you be aware of what you’re eating.

Quit smoking

Did you know that smoking can increase your likelihood of developing diabetes? Thankfully, this isn’t something that Marty had to deal with but if you do smoke, quit.

Foot and Oral Care

Foot and oral care are very important. People with diabetes should pay special attention to their feet and their oral care to avoid injuries and infections. Take time each day to monitor these.

Finally, check out these tools to manage your diabetes.

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