5 Times Warmer than Wool and 7 Times Stronger

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Did you know there is a natural fiber that is five times warmer than wool and seven times stronger?

As I re-do my wardrobe, I’m investing more natural fibers and multi-functional pieces that will help keep my wardrobe from getting out of hand. My goal is as close to a minimalist wardrobe as possible while still allowing me to be stylish. I will never be happy with just black pants and a white shirt. I need color and accessories to be happy. This post is sponsored and a product was provided, but the story is my own.

5 Times Warmer than Wool and 7 Times Stronger

5 Times Warmer than Wool and 7 Times Stronger

SOL ALPACA keeps Peru’s rich textile tradition alive and makes the connection that allows you to receive at home all the warmth the Andean people have to give; people who love what they do and live with a special passion in harmony with nature. SOL ALPACA works only with the finest fibers of the Andes: alpaca and vicuña and uses the complete range of 32 natural shades – the world’s largest – to create designs that offer the perfect balance between the exceptional inherited abilities of Andean people and modern-day trends.

Peru is a country with a very ancient textile tradition and SOL ALPACA is its principal heir. Their online store is opening today to offer their products that are made with the best fiber and all the enthusiasm that only experts in warmth can provide. Visit SOL ALPACA in this new online store for a look at the stylish clothes and accessories they offer. Not only do they make a valuable addition to your wardrobe, they make functional gifts that are gentle to our environment.

Alpaca is 5 Times Warmer than Wool and 7 Times Stronger

I love that this scarf is made of natural fibers and still manages to be stylish and colorful. The warmth will be very much appreciated as the temperatures start to drop here in Vermont. I love knowing that the choices I make can really have an impact on our environment.

Use code StoreLaunch2015 until December 31st to receive a 10% discount in the SOL ALPACA store, with the first online purchase, if you are a subscriber of their newsletter. One of my readers will win a 30% discount code — This discount is 30% off the total amount of the purchase (only applicable to items that are regular price).

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Alpaca is 5 Times Warmer than Wool and 7 Times Stronger

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