How to Make a Bucket List – Homestead Style

Last Updated on August 23, 2020 by Ellen Christian

I’ve seen a lot of bucket lists from friends and family.  Many of them have wishes like traveling to far off places, jumping out of an airplane or meeting famous people.  I’ve had a bucket list for a few years now but my bucket list doesn’t look anything like the ones that I’ve seen.   I don’t want to travel to far off places or do exciting things for an adrenaline rush.  My bucket list is a lot more basic and down to earth than that. I thought I would share how to make a bucket list homestead style just in case YOUR bucket list looks a little bit more like mine.

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How to Make a Bucket List 

Having a physical bucket list can inspire you to work toward your goals much like a vision board would.  You don’t need to get fancy about it. A simple plastic bucket with a few clothes pins works just fine.  Write each of your goals on the side of the clothes pin and then pin the clothes pin to the side of your bucket list.  Once you have accomplished your bucket list item, take the clothes pin off the side and toss it in the bucket.

While we’ve achieved some of our bucket list goals, there are some that we want to expand on.  We have ducks and chickens already and a nice, sturdy coop and pen. However, I really want to add in a few more chickens this year. Ours are not cooperating by hatching babies so I may need to resort to buying some chicks.

Another bucket list item of ours is to expend our gardens. Last year we put in a new garden for vegetables and our fruit trees are finally producing.  This year will be a larger herb garden and possibly more fruit bushes. I really want to add a hazelnut bush to our property as well but I’m not sure about the location yet. I also want to learn  more about fermenting. I have been making yogurt and finally took the step to make sauerkraut. One more thing off my bucket list!

Of course, there are things on my bucket list that are wishes but I’m not sure we’ll actually manage soon. I would love to have a goat for milk but I think that is more work than I can handle. Maybe some day I will find a way.  I would like to have an outdoor greenhouse to extend our growing season more than a cold frame could.  I want to find a way to harvest our rain water. I’m considering putting up gutters and then running pipes to a cachement system but that requires more thought, planning and good old fashion muscle.

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