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Vermont photography chickens


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  1. Tree @ Mother of Pearl It Is says:
    That is an awesome photo! Although they made me just a little chilly seeing them walking in the snow! lol 
  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:
    Awww- what cute chickens!!
  3. The one looks like it's talking to you! Fun pic!
  4. how cute...I love roosters and chickens
  5. This sounds crazy but this is the first time I'm seeing chickens walk around in the snow. Love it!
  6. You know... my mom argued with my dad (who grew up on a farm!) and me that Roosters weren't Chickens. That was a real "What The Hell!" moment for me. lol This picture just reminded me of that moment.
  7. They're hardier than one might think...
  8. Brrrr lovely picture we got it all to come yet in London :-)Have a great week ;-)
  9. Arr great shot :)
  10. cold birds! LOL
  11. Great image!  I often wonder how it is that animals in nature don't get cold.  Must have something to do with all those feathers!  Great share!  Visiting from the Hop.  Happy Wednesday!
  12. Bless the feathered girls... I hope the snow is not putting them off layingMollyxxx
  13. Melissa Rheinlander says:
    I wish we had some chickens!! 
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  15. I'm so jealous of your chickens and that you live in VT. I haven't been in a couple years and I miss it so much! 
  16. Love chickens, I used to help my grandmother with hers!!  I used to think they were my pets lol
  17. Great picture! I told you there had to be something fun and interesting to take photos of up your way! :)
  18. Well they don't seem a bit bothered by the snow, do they??

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