Wordless Wednesday: Thimbleberries



  1. Gorgeous capture!! Love it!
  2. Jody @ Mommy Moment says:
    Awesome photo. love the purple!
  3. Melissa Rheinlander says:
    Those are gorgeous!!
  4. Amber--JadeLouise Designs says:
  5. Ellen Christian says:
    Thanks Everyone!
  6. Lovely! I just love flower photos! Have a happy 4th!
  7. Pretty! I don't think I've ever seen that type of flower before.
    • Ellen Christian says:
      Thanks! They are actually sort of a shrub/waste tree.  They are in the same family as the raspberry but with smaller berries.
  8. Very pretty!!! How are you liking your new camera?
    • Ellen Christian says:
      Thanks! I love my new camera :) It does so much more than I understand how to use at this point but I am learning slowly!
  9. love the photo, beautiful flower. :) Happy WW
  10. Very beautiful. The shade of the petals is so lovely.
  11. Tiffany Revels-Cruz says:
    This is the first real Wordless Wednesday post I've seen today. Beautiful flowers. Your photos are always so pretty.
  12. I have never seen those before...gorgeous!

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