Win Southern Living What’s for Supper? cookbook

Southern Living What's for Supper

Southern Living What’s for Supper

What’s for supper probably ranks up there on my top ten list of what I don’t want to have someone ask me.   Most days, I look up at the clock and cannot believe that it is super time already. I have no idea where the time has gone but all of a sudden I am rushing around trying to get dinner done before 7pm. Everyone gets a little bit cranky when dinner is that late in the day. What I really need is a cookbook with quick recipes that save me from having to haul out frozen pizzas or head out for fast food when I’m pressed for time.

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Southern Living What’s for Supper – 30 minute meals that everyone will love is just that cookbook! In the time it would take me to head out and buy fast food, I can now create a delicious, healthy meal at home instead. This cookbook contains a variety of recipes that you can create from start to finish in 30 minutes or less.  There are more than 250 recipes included for main dishes including recipes made with pantry staples, quick favorites that taste better than fast food, no-cook suppers, slow cooker meals, kid friendly recipes, downsized dishes for two, and special recipes for weeknight company.

I was very please to see that most of the recipes included start with quite a few fresh ingredients. In some time saving cookbooks, most of the recipes end up being a box of this and a can of that.  While there are some pre-made ingredients included in Southern Living What’s for Supper, most are fresh.   Each recipe includes a color photograph of the finished dish and there are also photographs throughout of ingredients and side dishes that might go along with the main dish. The recipes are very easy to follow and contain ingredients list and detailed instructions.  There are also time saving tips and suggestions for substitutions or side dishes for many of the recipes. I really love that they have suggestions for side dishes.  That is one less step I have to worry about when I’m planning dinner.

There’s really a great selection of recipes included in this cookbook.  I love that there are no cook meals for hot summer days as well as hearty meals for winter.   There are meals that will work for those on a gluten free diet (although they aren’t marked that way) and meals that would work for those that are vegetarians. We tried the Easy Skillet Cordon Bleu and it was amazing!  I love chicken cordon bleu but it is so much work that I never make it. This is just as good and much quicker! If you need to shave off some time in the kitchen and still want to feed your family healthy meals, you need Southern Living What’s for Supper.

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  1. I want to win because I am a yankee that has been transplanted to the south and I need to figure out what is so hot about okra!
    • sharon winne says:
      I get the magazine in the mail,and I like their recipes! I'm from NJ living in the south and some of the food is way different than I'm used to! I do like southern fried chicken!
  2. I would love to win for dinner is the hardest meal for my husband and I to come up for ideas. I mean we get in a rut and then we get sick of that. I just don't know what to make and when I do I don't know how to make it. This would probably give me ideas and help of course.
  3. pamela james says:
    I'd like to win because I'm tired of the same old thing and I would like to cook some new easy recipes.
  4. Shannon Baas says:
    I collect cookbooks.
  5. Jennifer B. says:
    My husband was raised in TN and I was raised in CA. I need to learn some southern recipes.
  6. amy marantino says:
    i am trying to build a cookbook collection
  7. i always like to try to make new dishes!
  8. I love cookbooks & Southern Living!
  9. I would love to make some dinners from Southern Living, one of my favorite magazines!
  10. Jenny Sims says:
    I love Southern Living cookbooks! They are the only ones I use regularly.
  11. Jenny Sims says:
    I entered the XBox Kinect giveaway.
  12. Patricia Williams says:
    I love cookbook and ssouthern food is my favorite. 
  13. I would love to try some new recipes!
  14. Amy Honious says:
    i would love to win this book!  southern living ALWAYS has something in it that i want to cook!
  15. crystle tellerday says:
    my mother likes cookbooks
  16. Victoria Zumbrum says:
    Please enter me. My mother-in-law likes cookbooks.
  17. I love to cook. I can sit and read cookbooks for hours dreaming of making fantastic dishes. Tammilee
  18. would love to add this to my collection of cookbooks
  19. Kimberly says:
    I'm always looking for a new recipe to try so we don't get stuck in a rut of eating the same old thing.  And I love Southern Living recipes!
  20. Charlotte Padgett says:
    I'm always looking for new and different (and easy) recipes to try, so would love to win this book.
  21. Susan Ladd says:
    I would like to win because I like cookbooks and I love winning. I want to thank you for this awesome sweep and hope to win :) Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Ruth Hill says:
    I love Southern Living, and I love cookbooks.  Simple enough??  
  23. Glenda Edwards says:
    I want to win the book because I am sure that the recipes are delicious.
  24. I love to cook and they have wonderful recipes!
  25. Christine says:
    need to learn some southern recipes
  26. Sue Ellison says:
    I would like to win because I cook the same meals all the time. We need some variety.
  27. I love trying new recipes!
  28. im just learning to cook and i love southern style food this would be great to get me going
  29. Kristi C says:
    I would like to win because I love having new cookbooks to choose recipes from.
  30. Love to cook and try new recipes. I read more cookbooks than any other type of book.
  31. Erika P. says:
    It would be nice to have recipes that get ready in 30 minutes because I don't have a lot of time during the week. 
  32. Kathlean Owens says:
    I like exploring different recipes and trying new things. I would like to win this and try some new recipes.
  33. Jennifer McKay says:
    I always am on the lookout for great recipe resources. Southern Living is known for high standards in that area. would love to win this.
  34. LORI WOLFE says:
    I love cookbooks and would love to add this one to my collection and try some of these wonderful dishes.
  35. I would love to win because I love trying new recipes & Southern Living!
  36. Marysa N. says:
    I am always looking for meal ideas, I'm a little desperate! My husband is a picky eater so I have a hard time coming up with new stuff. Marysa {at} marysa {dot} com
  37. Marysa N. says:
    Entered Naked Binder. Marysa {at} marysa {dot} com
  38. Well for one, we love to cook at our house- Southern Living is top notch. Second, my mom died when I was 18 but what I remember most was her love to cook and her love of Southern Living. When that book came in the mail, it was like a gold bar had arrived, she loved and cherished each book!
  39. I love to find new recipes to cook. This book looks great.  Thanks for the chance.
  40. I love Southern Living! I am always on the lookout for new and easy recipes!
  41. I would like to win because I love to cook. tarter95 at hotmail dot com
  42. Pam Beyer says:
    I would love to win because I love Southern Living and I work for a school so I am always looking for delicious, healthy and quick meals for my family.
  43. DAMIAN JARREAU says:
    I want to win because I love to learn how to cook new things.
  44. I love to cook and enjoy trying new recipes.
  45. Judy Gregory says:
    southern living cookbooks are the best my mom and grandma both had several i wish i still had them
  46. I can. Always use more recipes to try for my family.
  47. I love cookbooks and I love sharing new recipes on my blog
  48. I need some new ideas
  49. I love cookbooks!
  50. Lucy Schwartz says:
    A Home cooked meal in 30 minutes or less? what more incentive doIi need to want the cookbook?
  51. I need some recipe books and don't have anything new to try
  52. Daniel M says:
    always like trying new recipes
  53. Michele Baron says:
    I love Southern food and would enjoy new recipes
  54. I would love to win because I collect great cookbooks!
  55. I'd like to win so I can put some variety into my dinner routine.
  56. I entered the We Make Dolls book giveaway.
  57. Paula Tavernie says:
    Because I love to cook and try new recipes! tavernie at yahoo dot com
  58. micheal dale grim says:
    i would like to win because this cookbook would go great with my collection!!
  59. Coriander Warren says:
    I want to win because I LOVE cookbooks and use them all the time. I really enjoy trying to cook new meals for my family and they come in handy so much!
  60. I love to cook, and this cookbook would give me more ideas! Thanks :)
  61. Chrystal J. says:
    I love trying new recipes, so I love to try these.
  62. mrsshukra says:
    This would make a nice gift for the teen!
  63. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:
    my daughter loves to cook vmkids3 at msn dot com
  64. alyce poalillo says:
    I am always looking for new and different ideas for quick suppers.
  65. Harold D says:
    I would love to win because my wife loves cookbooks!
  66. Mary Ward says:
    I have never met a Southern Living recipe that I didn't like!
  67. Ed Nemmers says:
    I need some new recipe for the family!
  68. laura ari says:
    Ugh! I'm so bored with dinner lately. I'd love some new recipes!
  69. Ginger b. says:
    I am in a cooking rut and need some inspiration.
  70. I love to cook.
  71. I entered the we make dolls giveaway.
  72. LOVE TO COOK!!!
  73. Donna Lindner says:
    I'm always shopping for ideas for dinner, thank you
  74. Karen Gonyea says:
    I could use some fresh ideas for dinner !!
  75. I would love to win because I'm stuck in a cooking rut. Same old thing day after day. Need some new ideas! :)
  76. Angela Neynaber says:
    I would love this cookbook because I need all the help I can get in the kitchen.
  77. Darleen B says:
    Southern living is my absolute FAV!
  78. Shelley Drady Enright says:
    I would like to win because I love southern recipes. My mother's side of the family is from up north so a lot of my recipes aren't true southern. I would like to try some more southern recipes.
  79. Michelle W says:
    I need all the cooking help I can get
  80. Kat Emerick says:
    I want to win because I love to cook!
  81. I want to win because I am always looking for new great recipes. I get so tired of the same old dinners and I seem to never have any new ideas. Dinner has become boring.
  82. Shelley P says:
    I want to win because I need new ideas for supper.
  83. Shelley P says:
    entered the ReadyBright Kit giveaway
  84. Sasha Dang says:
    I love Southern food and love to cook but have zero experience with Southern cooking.
  85. Amanda Kinder says:
    I'd love to win because I need some new recipes. My family is getting tired of the same things.
  86. susan smoaks says:
    i would love to win this because i love cook books and i have a hard time figuring out what's for supper each night
  87. Alexandra Roach says:
    I just moved into my first apartment out of college. I have to learn how to cook!
  88. Samantha says:
    I love cooking and even the pizza on the front cover looks absolutely delicious!
  89. linda morgan says:
    to improve my cooking.  GLA!
  90. We like to try new recipes, so this would be a fun win.
  91. Deborah Hogue says:
    I love to cook and I also collect cookbooks. I don't have this particular cookbook and would like to see what it has to offer in new meals to create for my family, and also add it to my collection.
  92. Im southern girl! I love southern recipes.
  93. Amy DeLong says:
    always like to make new things ardelong2(at)gmail(dot)com
  94. mary gardner says:
    because i love recipes from southern living! jagar0047 at yahoo dot com
  95. James Coyne says:
    I'm always looking for new dinner ideas
  96. Kim Holsapple says:
    lived in GA as a kid and need to bring the south back to my home
  97. I'd love to win because I love trying new recipes.
  98. I'm from the South,and I love Southern cooking. I like to try new recipes.
  99. Veronica Garrett says:
    I would like to win because I would love to have some more delicious recipes to fix delicious suppers for my family.
  100. Patty White says:
    I would like to win because i love to cook!

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