Win ReadyBright Starter House Kit ($69.99 value) emergency lighting

Living out in the country, we lose power fairly regularly. Sometimes an ice storm will cause lines to go down.  Sometimes the wind will take down a tree or large branch. Either way, we suddenly find ourselves sitting in the dark. Of course, we have candles and oil lamps for emergencies but there are some places I really don’t want to use those.  I don’t like the idea of candles and oil lamps in the children’s rooms.  If I need to make a trip to the bathroom, I don’t really want to have to mess with lighting a candle to carry along with me.   Emergency lighting is something that we’ve been discussing as part of our emergency preparedness plan.

ReadyBright System emergency lighting

ReadyBright Starter House Kit – emergency lighting

Mr. Beams Intelligent LED battery powered lights are a solution to power outages.  The Mr. Beams Power Outage Detector plugs into any wall outlet and senses whether or not there is power to that outlet.  As soon as the power goes out, the Power Outage Detector lights up and sends a radio signal that activates all the Mr. Beams wireless LED lights throughout the home. You can then use the Power Outage Detector as a flashlight and a remote control for all of the Mr. Beams lights in your home.   The Mr. Beams lights can provide more than 40 hours of light on one set of batteries during a power outage.  You use one Mr. Beams Power Outage Detector and it can activate and control dozens of Mr. Beams wireless lights positioned within 70 feet.

ReadyBright System emergency lighting

The ReadyBright Starter House Kit includes a Mr. Beams Power Outage Detector, a Stair and Path Light and a Ceiling Light. It also includes the necessary batteries and hardware to install.  The Stair and Path Light uses 4 AA batteries (included) and the Ceiling Light uses 4 C batteries (included).  The Stair and Path Light can be mounted with screws or with a double sided sticky tape. The Ceiling Light attaches with screws.  The Mr. Beams Power Outage Detector looks sort of like a night light.  It plugs into a wall socket to detect whether or not there is power. It’s quite compact and doesn’t take up a lot of room which is great in our home because we are always searching for usable plugs. You simply install the included battery and plug it in to an outlet.

One of the features I really like is that it has an auto shut off.    If you are away from home when the power shuts off, the Mr. Beams lights will shut off after 30 minutes. If you are home and you want them to stay lit longer than that, just press the on button. This is a great way to save on the batteries.  There is also a low battery indicator light that tells you when you need to change the batteries. The Outage Detector works for up to 70 feet which means it will work throughout a 2500 square foot home.  Our home is 1500 square feet so this is more than adequate for us.  I put the Outage Detector  in the bathroom since that’s where we have the most unused outlets.  I put the Stair and Path Light on the wall in our pantry which will light our kitchen and bathroom.  The Ceiling Light is on the landing at the top of the stairs and will light our upstairs. I love the security of knowing that we won’t be plunged instantly into darkness when the power goes out.  There will still be some basic amount of emergency lighting in certain areas while we get together our lamps, candles and flashlights.  We can then choose to keep it on or turn it off as we like.

The ReadyBright Starter House Kit is $69.99 and can be purchased directly from the site. There is free shipping on all US orders, a money back guarantee and a one year warranty. Save 20% with the code CONFESSIONS. One of my lucky readers will win their own ReadyBright Starter House Kit for emergency lighting:

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  1. sharon winne says:
    I learned they run on batteries, installs in minutes, and can stick anywhere!
  2. What a wonderful product!
  3. stephanie fletcher says:
    I found out you can put them anywhere.
  4. Margot C says:
    I'm not sure how it does it but the smart Power Outage Detector instantly detects when the power goes out.
  5. All units are IP44 rated, which means the weatherpoof design will satisfy both indoor and outdoor LED light applications. All LED lights install easily—no wiring, no electricians—so you can be assured of quality LED lighting anywhere.
  6. scottsgal says:
    they are weatherproof msboatgal at
  7. Laurie Emerson says:
    I learned that they run on batteries.
  8. lynn cook says:
    i learned you can get 40 hours of light on one set of batteries
  9. The lighting systems are wireless and waterproof
  10. Irene Menge says:
    I learned that they also have motion sensing nightlights so you don't have power use when no one needs a nightlight.
  11. Irene Menge says:
    This is an excellent blog. Very informative.
  12. Stephanie Bondlow says:
    You can buy lights individually and build up your light stockpile.
  13. learned they are waterproof and wireless I am liking these:)
  14. June Ebinger says:
  15. I learned they are for indoor or outdoor use.
  16. D Schmidt says:
    Visited the site and learned Mr. Beams™ designs and manufactuers intelligent wireless LED lights. Our full line of patented Mr. Beams™ battery-operated, wireless, motion-sensing lights are IP44 weatherproof and be installed anywhere. Our ReadyBright™ Power Outage Lighting System provides light when you need it most: in a power outage
  17. Cheryl Abdelnour says:
    I have had one like this in the past. It was near our stairs. What I really like is the new ceiling light. So much safer than candles all over the house.
  18. Cheryl Abdelnour says:
    entered--- GC Ikea, GC Lowes
  19. I learned they run on batteries. 
  20. Holly S. says:
    I learned that Wireless Environment was founded in 2006 by Michael Recker and David Levine. Thanks!
  21. Debra L. Guillen says:
    Wireless Environment was founded in 2006 by Michael Recker and David Levine.
  22. Christine says:
    They are also developing a lantern.
  23. Christine says:
    Entered the Naked Binder & Lowes/Ikea GC contests
  24. I learned they are waterproof and you can out them pretty much anywhere. Very neat!
  25. Ariel Henry says:
    I learned they run on batteries and can provide light up to 40 hours.
  26. David Levine, President, has launched 21 consumer products
  27. Christine Roeske says:
    The ReadyBright Lantern can charge your phone via USB - coming out this fall.
  28. Sheila K. says:
    Their lights are wireless and weatherproof!
  29. Rebecca Berry says:
    they are battery operated on motion censored
  30. I learned that Wireless Environment was founded in 2006 .
  31. Darlene Owen says:
    I learned that  the ReadyBright™ Power Outage Lantern, is currently in development and being funded by enthusiastic Kickstarters. 
  32. I found out they provide hours of bright clear light throughout your home, which is wonderful in the event of a power outage. We have power outages often being in tornado alley and would love to use this.
  33. Carrie Phelps says:
    I learned that they design intelligent wireless LED lights.
  34. Carrie Phelps says:
    I entered the We Make Dolls giveaway.
  35. Chrystal D says:
    I learned there's no wiring needed with the Outdoor Security Light!
  36. Marysa N. says:
    I like their motion sensing step light too! Marysa {at} marysa {dot} com
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  38. Bright LED never needs replaced
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  40. ivy arrington says:
    I learned that the Outdoor Security Light is both weather proof and uv resistant and the annual cost is only 4$ with normal usage. I love there stuff.
  41. Harmony B says:
    Can provide 40 hours of light
  42. I learned that no electrician is needed! Great for my non-electrician husband!
  43. I learned it installs in minutes
  44. i like that their lights are wireless and weatherproof
  45. entered lowe's giveaway
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  47. Patty S. says:
    Provides light during a power outage
  48. Laura Jacobson says:
    I learned that they have a 1 year warranty on all products!
  49. I entered the $100 Lowes Gift Card .
  50. I entered the $100 Lowes gift card.
  51. I learned that the president of the company was Senior Product Manager at Black & Decker and DeWalt
  52. Laura Jacobson says:
    I entered the poachpods giveaway
  53. I learned that they carry motion detector lights run by batteries which is a great concept!
  54. mrsshukra says:
    I learned that these are weatherproof!
  55. Jude Skocki Kelly says:
    provides 40 hours of light before a battery change is needed
  56. laura ari says:
    They manufacture wireless spot lights! Cool!
  57. I learned that thy carry motion step lights that are weatherproof
  58. micheal dale grim says:
    i learned there products are water proof!!
  59. Brandi Price says:
    System is wireless waterproof and can go anywhere!
  60. Melissa Shirley says:
    This  ready bright product is great for when your power goes out cause it will automatically give you light when the power goes out.
  61. Shelley P says:
    I learned their latest product, the ReadyBright™ Power Outage Lantern, is currently in development!
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  64. Joretta Foster says:
    battery operated on motion censored
  65. brett m. says:
    mr.beams are IP44 weatherproof
  66. Hollie Jahnke says:
    That they require no wiring and just batteries which is great!
  67. Hollie Jahnke says:
    Entered the ProBar Fruition Bars giveaway.
  68. Jill Jacoby says:
    ReadyBright power outage lantern detects a power outage and turns on. This is so cool, I need one.
  69. Alexandra Roach says:
    It operates on batteries!
  70. I learned that the full line of patented Mr. Beams™ battery-operated, wireless, motion-sensing lights are IP44 weatherproof and be installed anywhere.
  71. Wireless Environment was founded in 2006 by Michael Recker and David Levine. Wireless is a JumpStart company ( based out of Cleveland, Ohio.
  72. wendy wallach says:
    The New York Times recommends this backup lighting system is something that i learned.madamerkf at aol dot com
  73. I always forget how badly we need backup systems like this until the lights are out and I am digging through kitchen cupboards, hoping the children did not find my flash light first

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