Win a P&G Home Depot prize pack & get your outdoor space ready for summer

The outdoor weather is finally here in Vermont now that warmer weather has arrived. We stored all of our outdoor chairs, tables and planters away during the winter and now it’s time to bring them back out from the basement. After a season of sitting in the basement, they all need to be spruced up and cleaned a bit and that takes a little bit more effort that wiping down the kitchen table. If you’re in the same situation that I am, here are a few tips for getting your outdoor space back into shape:

  • Maintain your outdoor furniture – Keep it looking good all summer
  • Inspect your deck – Give it a good once over & check for loose nails, bricks, cracked concrete
  • Remove the clutter – Clean up, power wash, remove unnecessary items/debris
  • Accessorize – Add in the little touches (i.e., plants, outdoor lighting, lanterns, centerpieces)
  • Clean your grill – Give your grill a clean start this season

Home Depot is a one stop shop for purchasing Procter & Gamble products, including Mr. Clean Outdoor Spray, Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Magic Eraser and Bounty. Mr. Clean, Bounty and Home Depot are offering one of my readers this amazing prize package to help get ready for summer entertaining.

  • A full size bottle of Mr. Clean Outdoor Spray
  • Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Magic Erasers
  • One Bounty Paper Towels Roll
  • A custom LeatherCraft 2-pocket natural colored canvas The Home Depot apron.

One of my lucky readers will win this prize package.

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Disclosure of Material Connection: P&G provided me with one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free and supplied the giveaway prize in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”


  1. patricia harrod says:
    I need to clean the outside of my house
  2. first thelsidingdoor and then the patio and then garden area
  3. Chrissy N says:
    Just the yard, making sure it is clean :)
  4. bricks, they are getting mossy
  5. Shannon Baas says:
    outdoor furniture.
  6. scottsgal says:
    we need to clean our wood fence msboatgal at
  7. scottsgal says:
    entered allegra msboatgal at
  8. scottsgal says:
    entered tide
  9. scottsgal says:
    entered container store
  10. scottsgal says:
    entered family dollar
  11. courtney b says:
    our pool!!!
  12. well, there are the windows of course. What I need to clean are the patio lights. Take them apart and clean them proper. Some of them you have to fight the shrubs that have grown up over the years.
  13. We need to clean the furniture on our deck and the windows.
  14. Where do I start, Lol!  I still need to do the glass top table and chairs. 
  15. Amanda Hoffman says:
    porch has leaves on it
  16. Ann Fantom says:
    I need to clean our deck furniture
  17. Amanda Hoffman says:
    entered summer sizzle
  18. Ann Fantom says:
    I entered the Win Tide Pods 35ct & $10 KMart GC giveaway
  19. Kristy Bodle says:
    I need to clean my back porch and the siding of my house. It looks really bad and my in laws are going to come soon. 
  20. windows and patio furniture
  21. I need to clean everything from my porches to my front doors to my outdoor furniture!
  22. Samantha C. says:
    I need to clean my patio furniture!
  23. shelly peterson says:
    outdoor furniture
  24. My car.
  25. twitted this, hardest thing to clean outdoors is the furniture
  26. melina r says:
    I need to clean my washer machine area.
  27. Shawna O says:
    I need to clean the outside of my windows and my patio furniture. 
  28. My windows could really use a good cleaning!
  29. patio furniture!
  30. Heather Bridson says:
    I need to clean the grill..and a few othe rthings on the patio
  31. I have our patio furniture that if it isn't covered in Oak Pollen then it dust, dirt, or sticky ice pop.
  32. EMMA L HORTON says:
  33. christa wagner says:
    the windows and siding
  34. Michael Capp says:
    Besides the annual powerwashing of the house, the gardens are out of control.
  35. I need to clean the porch! Bugs and spider webs galore! Dreading it!Thanks Michele
  36. Keely Hostetter says:
    I need to clean my windows on the outside of the house!!!!
  37. My grill needs to be cleaned Thank you!
  38. Julie Lynn Bickham says:
    I need a power washer to wash the outside of the house.
  39. elven johnson says:
    The storage boxes & the grill.
  40. O my, yes, MY WINDOWS need cleaning. No one leaves me alone even for 2 or 3 days here, I can't get anything done.
  41. crystle tellerday says:
  42. I need to clean our outdoor furniture
  43. I entered your Tide giveaway
  44. cheryl c. says:
    the chairs on my deck
  45. Cheryl Rahkonen says:
    Our deck needs cleaned and the patio.  We need to clean all the outside toys that the kids play on.
  46. the lawn
  47. entered allegra giveaway
  48. entered tide pods kmart giveaway
  49. entered p&G family dollar giveaway
  50. entered $25 container store giveaway
  51. ryan minton says:
    the entryway into the house from the backyard could use some cleaning!!
  52. paige chandler says:
    I need to clean the patio furniture - BAD
  53. paige chandler says:
    I entered the container store giveaway
  54. Amy Tolley says:
    my windows on the outside thanks for this giveaway 
  55. Amy Tolley says:
    entered the tide pods and the K-mart gc giveaway 
  56. Charlotte Padgett says:
    Fortunately my son just painted the outdoor furniture and cleaned the porch really well. So right now we are in pretty good shape outside.
  57. joni taylor says:
    I need to clean the outside windows
  58. Seyma Shabbir says:
    Need to clean grill. It is a hard task!!!
  59. Seyma Shabbir says:
    Entered Allegra
  60. My back patio needs to be pressure washed!
  61. Peggy Humbracht says:
    My lawn furniture need to be cleanes.
  62. I have a little bit of clean up left around our back porch and in the back corner of our lot. I'm waiting for temps to drop before tackling those jobs! 104 here today.
  63. Seyma Shabbir says:
    Entered Tide POds
  64. Denise B. says:
    I need a power washer for outside.
  65. Ariel Henry says:
    Our windows and patio furniture needs cleaned!
  66. Linda Lansford says:
    I need bleach
  67. The deck & patio furniture.  And the grill.
  68. Daniel M says:
    a pressure washer for the side of the house
  69. Seyma Shabbir says:
    Entered Grace sweet life
  70. Seyma Shabbir says:
    Entered P&G family dollar
  71. I use a hose to spray down everything. I would like to try the magic eraser.
  72. Windows and Patio Furniture
  73. D Schmidt says:
    I need to clean the outdoor furniture
  74. Jennifer B says:
    windows, siding, patio table and chairs
  75. cheryl c. says:
    my deck chairs!
  76. twitted this, 29/6
  77. Melissa Zimmerman says:
    My car actually
  78. Cheryl B. says:
    My is bad!
  79. Paul T / Pauline T says:
    i need to clean out the patio sitting area and outside windows - emscout9 at Hotmail dot com
  80. Paul T / Pauline T says:
    entered Summer Sizzle Giveaway Hop – emscout9 at Hotmail dot com
  81. I need to clean my windows, my grill, my house, and the yard toys.
  82. windows and patio furniture
  83. entered the container store giveaway
    I have weird green stuff growing on my siding on my house - don't know what it is though.
  85. Kelley Roach says:
    0utdoor grill
  86. Oil stain on driveway!
  87. the windows and outside porch
  88. Windows and Grill
  89. My yard!
  90. Betsy Barnes says:
    I need to clean my patio furniture :)
  91. Meg Tucker says:
    I need to clean the outside of my kitchen and living room windows. You just had to remind me...LOL!
  92. the outside windows!
  93. twitted this, 30/6
  94. I entered the Ocarina Premium Flavored Honey giveaway
  95. entered Ocarina flavored honey
  96. I need to clean everything on my porch!
  97. Brenda I says:
    My patio furniture
  98. I also entered to win a gift card to the container store
  99. Leann Lindeman says:
    Our deck and grill could use a good cleaning.
  100. mrsshukra says:
    The windows and the yard!
  101. mrsshukra says:
    Entered Ocarina giveaway
  102. mrsshukra says:
    Entered Cheese for Dummies giveaway
  103. mrsshukra says:
    Entered Allegra giveaway
  104. mrsshukra says:
    Entered Tide Pods giveaway!
  105. Barbara Mayes says:
    The gutters..and fast too! 
  106. mrsshukra says:
    Entered Grace's Sweet Life giveaway!
  107. My patio chairs!
  108. My deck is a mess!
  109. Jeana O'donnell-Murphy says:
    we need to clean our outside windows
  110. Linda Kiss says:
    My patio chairs and table
  111. Sherri Jackson says:
    The deck needs cleaning really badly.
  112. amy marantino says:
    i need to clean the siding. it has that moldy stuff
  113. Kathlean Owens says:
    I have a bench by my garden that really needs to be cleaned. The bird have had fun covering it this year.
  114. the outside door!
  115. Barbara Scaff says:
    the kids swing set
  116. Debra Gaswint says:
    I need to clean our outdoor shed, it's full of dust, pollen, and cobwebs.  Yech!
  117. Seyma Shabbir says:
    Entered Honey
  118. Seyma Shabbir says:
    Entered PG Dollar general
  119. Seyma Shabbir says:
    Entered $25 container store
  120. susan hartman says:
    I noticed our siding has some mold that has to go.
  121. susan hartman says:
    I entered the honey
  122. I have decks, windows, sliding glass doors, porches, stairs and so much more.
  123. alicia wallace says:
    The deck
  124. I entered the Tide and Kmart giveaway.
  125. aluminum sidingky2here at msn dot com
  126. my grill
  127. Lesley F says:
    I need to clean the outside of my windows & my grill!
  128. siding and windows
  129. entered allegra
  130. Marcella Cook says:
    We need to clean our chicken coop and get it ready for the next batch of chickens.
  131. Sheila Foley says:
    My Lanai could really use a cleaning
  132. Sheila Foley says:
    I entered the P & G everyday heroes pack
  133. connie danielson says:
    I entered the P & G home depot !
  134. connie danielson says:
    mydeck and outside windows.
  135. I need windex for windows, and broom to sweep the porch! 
  136. I clean the outside of my house, my patio, lawn furniture, and my grill
  137. jennifer coffill peters says:
    i really need to clean the windows and window sills!
  138. Christine says:
    the patio
  139. Judy Bradley says:
    Porch area, front door window, & walkway.
  140. The really needs a good cleaning!
  141. Our grill.
  142. Robyn Dones says:
    I have a hard time keeping my white plastic lounge chairs. Thank you for the chance to win!kdones (at) optonline (dot) net
  143. My patio!
  144. I'll be cleaning the patio furniture in prep for moving trucks this week, then the windows so they are nice for selling this house :)
  145. Monique Rizzo says:
    I need to clean the picnic table.Thanks for the chance.
  146. I need to clean the siding on outside of house
  147. I need to clean my fence.
  148. the lawn chairs and the shed
  149. Peter Gladue says:
    I need to clean the grill
  150. Pressure washer.
  151. I entered the Allegra giveaway.
  152. Miz Vickik says:
    The back porch!
  153. Lorayne Gothard says:
    I need to clean the outside windows and deck
  154. Lorayne Gothard says:
    I also entered the tide pods kmart giveaway
  155. I need to clean my grill, lawn chairs and porch
  156. My windows and grill need cleaning.
  157. great giveaway, thanks
  158. I'd love to win
  159. we need to clean the brick and windows
  160. entered allegra giveaway
  161. we need to clean our patio
  162. my patio set
  163. entered tide pods
  164. Sylvie W says:
    My mother has an outdoor lounge table that really needs a thorough cleaning.
  165. Corey Olomon says:
    My patio.
  166. Melanie K. says:
    The siding on our house!
  167. dani marie says:
    our lawn furniture that is on our baclony. cat got to it. :(
  168. My patio furniture
  169. I need to clean my table and chairs.
  170. Outdoor furniture and patio!
  171. I use The Magic Eraser outdoors on everything!Terri P pr4gatheringroses AT gmail DOT com
  172. twitted this, 4/7
  173. I need to clean our back deck.
  174. Linda Landes says:
    I need to clean my patio chairs.
  175. Kimberly Hilbert says:
    My deck, our deck furniture and windows.
  176. Kimberly Hilbert says:
    I also entered ocarina honey
  177. Karen Farrow says:
    need to clean my outdoor furniture
  178. Rebecca Shockley says:
    The yard!
  179. kyona sirico says:
    My outdoor table and chairs.
  180. my table and chairs need a good cleaning
  181. I need to clean my deck.
  182. Aimee Fontenot says:
    I need to clean my house. I've let it go way too long. It needs to be pressure washed and scrubbed!
  183. Diana Stanhope says:
    I need to clean the siding in a bad way. 
  184. Amber Porter says:
    My porch along with all the furniture on it.
  185. Amber Porter says:
    entered allegra giveaway
  186. Lucy Schwartz says:
    The grill and patio furniture need a cleaning now and periodically.
  187. Lucy Schwartz says:
    I entered the Honey giveaway.
  188. Angela Hartness says:
    I need to clean some of our patio furniture.
  189. micheal dale grim says:
    my grill is in desparate need of a good cleaning
  190. My fish pond needs a good cleaning.
  191. Entered Allegra giveaway
  192. Entered Ocarina giveaway
  193. Entered Dairy Free Gluten Free Kitchen giveaway
  194. Entered Libby's Library giveaway
  195. I need siding cleaner!
  196. Debbie C says:
    I need cleaner for siding and windows that will work in a pressure washer. And I need something that will remove and prevent algae from white railing.
  197. My back step/patio needs weeding and cleaning.
  198. Alicia Zirjacks says:
    I need to clean my deck
  199. Karen Arrowood says:
    What doesn't need cleaning outdoors? The patio furniture, the grill, the playscape....
  200. Chrystal J. says:
    I need to clean my windows.
  201. Jennifer C says:
    I need to clean my windows and foundation.
  202. Michelle W says:
    I need to clean the grill
  203. twitted this, 5/7
  204. I need to wash the siding of the house :-/
  205. My deck,
  206. I need to clean my outside windows.
  207. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:
    the siding of the house vmkids3 at msn dot com
  208. Ellen Levickis says:
    we desperately need to clean and seal our decks
  209. Ellen Levickis says:
  210. Ellen Levickis says:
  211. Samantha K says:
    I need to clean my bike. 
  212. Jennifer Paige says:
    How about everything? I'll start with my car.
  213. Amy Woods-Smith says:
    The patio table and chairs need a good cleaning.
  214. I need to clean the outside of all the windows
  215. The patio furniture always needs a touch
  216. We ned to clean our siding on our house.
  217. Jennifer says:
    I need to clean our patio furniture.
  218. Christina says:
    My outdoor furniture!
  219. jeanne conner says:
    My siding..
  220. We need to clean our patio area badly!!
  221. Brittney House says:
    My patio needs cleaning after our storm.
  222. DAMIAN JARREAU says:
    I need to power wash the outside of the house and clean the gutters
  223. I need to clean all the windows and power wash the shed, deck and sidewalks.
  224. Entered Ocarina honey giveaway
  225. Jennifer B. says:
    I need to clean my patio furniture.
  226. Michelle Fidler says:
    Probably clean the windows and maybe the hose box.
  227. Jennifer says:
    I need to clean the outside of windows!
  228. My patio chairs
  229. TonyandMelissa Weber says:
    we need to clean the south facing wall of our home, it has siding instead of the brick.... pollen has taken over the color of it!
  230. virginia rogers says:
    Could really use a power washer to clean outside. Thank you for a chance to win really appreciate it.
  231. amy deeter says:
    my front porch amy16323(at)gmail(dot)com
  232. I need to clean the patio and yard.
  233. Susan Climan says:
    Our patio doors and furniture.
  234. My Deck
  235. My garage doors need to be cleaned.  thanks
  236. Carolyn Daley says:
    I need to clean my patio chairs, table, fan, and grill. 
  237. Kelly Elswick says:
    Windows and patio furniture!
  238. david basile says:
  239. Ciara B. says:
    we need to clean our kiddie pool
  240. Heather S says:
    the patio and furniture
  241. Gaines Simmons says:
    Hello, how are you? Thank you for this opportunity. I need to clean the patio furniture and grill outside.
  242. Brenda Elsner says:
    I need to clean the patio furniture.
  243. Sara Logan says:
    My windows!
  244. Harold D says:
    My truck is what needs cleaning the most.
  245. Michelle S says:
    I need to clean my patio off, badly.
  246. Chastidy says:
    The outside of our windows need a good cleaning :)
  247. The grill
  248. I entered the petitebox giveaway
  249. twitted this, 6/7
  250. Allyson Bossie says:
    My table and chairs need cleaned!
  251. Allyson Bossie says:
    I entered Ocarina Flavored Honey
  252. Alexandra Roach says:
    I entered the $200 walmart gc giveaway
  253. Our table and back patio needs cleaning.
  254. Alexandra Roach says:
    I need to clean the patio table!
  255. Ann Council says:
    I need to clean the patio furniture.
  256. I really need to clean our porch. We recently had some severe storms and our porch is covered with debris.
  257. Teresa Thompson says:
    Tables and chairs.
  258. I need to clean my windows and my outdoor furniture.
  259. I need to clean the outside of the windows.
  260. trisha mckee says:
    The windows!
  261. Marcy Strahan says:
    I need to clean my Outdoor table & chairs

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