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My favorite flavored coffee is Hazelnut but I almost never brew myself a cup of Hazelnut coffee because I’m the only one in the house that enjoys that flavor. Every now and then I splurge and treat myself to a cup of Hazelnut coffee at the coffee shop but I hate spending $3 for a cup of coffee. It just goes against every frugal bone in my body.

I recently discovered Torani flavored syrups and found out that they have a Hazelnut flavored syrup I can add to regular coffee at home to make my own Hazelnut coffee. That way everyone else can have a plain cup of coffee and I can enjoy mine flavored. Of course, Torani offers tons of other flavors besides just Hazelnut. They have Butterscotch, Maple, Toasted Marshmallow and even a whole line of sugar free syrups for those that need to watch their sugar.

SheSpeaksbuttonOf course, you can use the Torani syrups in a lot more than just hot coffee. There are recipes on their site that tell you how to make all sorts of beverages including iced coffees. Sarah18 really loves iced coffees and this will save tons of money over buying them at the drive through. Since they have over one hundred different flavors, it’s easy to make a huge variety of drinks!

In addition to the Hazelnut syrup, I also received the Sugar Free Pumpkin Pie Syrup. I don’t generally use sugar free things and I wasn’t sure Pumpkin Pie coffee sounded that good to me so I decided to use it in a recipe instead. I took a simple pouch of chocolate chip muffin mix and instead of using the 1/3 cup milk it called for, I substituted 1/3 cup Torani Sugar Free Pumpkin Pie syrup. They came out really good and it was an easy way to make ordinary muffins have a taste of the season. I’m going to have to try peppermint closer to Christmas and see how they come out.

Torani Syrups use pure cane sugar (except the sugar free variety) and other natural flavors so I don’t need to worry about high fructose corn syrup in my coffee. This is a great item to have on hand for holiday entertaining when everyone wants a different kind of coffee. Using these flavored syrups you can offer your guests a huge variety of different beverages and only have to make one pot of coffee.

One of my lucky readers is going to win 5 FREE Coupons to get a bottle of Torani syrup in the flavor of their choice.  Here’s what you can do for a chance to win:


  1. Brown sugar cinnamon sounds so good! I would also like the pumpkin!
  2. Closer to Lucy says:
    Vanilla for coffee and raspberry for grown up drink :)
  3. I would like to try the classic carmel. I think that's probably the one flavor that I haven't tried from Torani.
  4. chocolate chip cookie dough.
  5. I love the variety Torani has
  6. Christina Gould says:
    I'd most like to try the Cherry syrup. Thanks for the giveaway!
  7. Cozycomfycouch says:
    I've never thought about adding it into recipes! :D sounds great!
  8. Rebecca Graham says:
    I would like to try the black currant syrup.

    rhoneygtn at yahoo dot com
  9. Ummmmm Creme Caramel Syrup sounds yummy
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net
  10. I'd love to try the cherry flavor.

    ighmeg at yahoo dot com
  11. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!
    Thanks for the chance.
  12. I have been on a caramel kick lately and the creme caramel sounds so yummy!
  13. I have been on a caramel kick lately and would love to try creme caramel!
  14. Sugar Free Salted Caramel sounds fantastic! Thanks for the chance! Maija
  15. I love their sugar-free caramel and I'd love to try the sugar-free pumpkin pie.

  16. I would like to try the Sugar Free Vanilla Bean syrup

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com
  17. jennielee226 says:
    I would like to try the pumpkin spicee syrup since the creamers in that flavor are only available a couple months out of the year
  18. I'd like to try the Chocolate Milano Syrup.
  19. i'd like to try pumpkin!! yum!! i also follow on gfc.

    lyndsey dot hauck at gmail
  20. I'd love to try Toasted Marshmallow.
    I follow as Michele
    rlawrence110 at yahoo dot com
  21. I would like to try the French Vanilla.
  22. I'm a follower (Terri). I'd like to try the caramel flavor.
    dahbou at gmail dot com
  23. crystletellerday says:
    i would choose pumpkin spice flavor
  24. I want to try Pumpkin Pie syrup. Mmmmmmm
  25. I'd try the Eggnog
  26. incorporealidol says:
    I want to try the sugar-free salted caramel!

    incorporealidol [at] aol [dot] com
  27. I want to try the peppermint syrup.
  28. I would like to try the Classic Hazelnut Syrup.

  29. The Caramel Pecan

    caryn9802 at yahoo dot com
  30. Pomagranate
    krazekatlady at gmail dot com
  31. mom2gabnnat says:
    I'd love to try the Salted Caramel or the Creme De Menthe.
    jenswps at yahoo . com
  32. gfc follower kycouple2000 and I'd like to try the chocolate milano syrup

    ky2here at msn dot com
  33. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:
    classic carmel holds lots of promises
    vmkids3 at msn dot com
  34. chocolate
  35. Pumpkin Pie sounds amazing
    carolkfoster at comcast dot net
  36. I am anxious to try cherry!
    lafittelady at gmail dot com
  38. the classic carmel!! sounds amazing!!!

    melindasuegordon at gmail dot com
  39. Classic carmel!
  40. I would love to try the peppermint. Sounds like it would be yummy. sweepmorey at gmail dot com
  41. GFC Follower: Hoa
    I'd love to try the SUGAR FREE MANGO SYRUP.

  42. I would really like to try the carmel
  43. jandsfox_143 says:
    I would like the white chocolate.
  44. the chocolate mint!

  45. I would love to try toasted marshmallow.
  46. Torani Pumpkin Pie syrup! Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com
  47. Caramel is my current craving, but the chocolate mint seems like it would add a zest of holiday spirit to hot chocolate...and as it's my husband's favorite flavoring, I think I'd find ways to add it into some dessert recipes :D
  48. black currant
  49. Toasted Marshmallow would be my flavor of choice!
  50. I follow you on GFC. (jaquerichards)
    The Creme Caramel sounds yummy! Thank you.
    jaquerichards at yahoo dot com
  51. Thanks for the great contest!
  52. I would like to try the raspberry

    luvdatmouse at charter dot net
  53. I'd like to try the SUGAR FREE SALTED CARAMEL SYRUP.
  54. Aliya Abdul says:
    I'd love to try the peppermint and cheesecake flavors!


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