The Art of SEO – Mastering Search Engine Optimization

As a business owner, coming out on top in search results is something I am always striving for. Unfortunately, there is so much contrasting information out there on how exactly you’re supposed to do that that it makes knowing what to do difficult. Everyone seems to have a gimmick and you need to really understand SEO to create a comprehensive strategy for your business.  The Art of SEO is written by four experts in the field.  Eric Enge is the CEO of the SEO consulting firm Stone Temple Consulting.  Stephan Spencer founded the SEO firm Netconcepts and the training/coaching program  Jessie Stricciola is the co-founder of and the CEO of San Francisco SEO and web marketing firm Alchemist Media.  Rand Fishkin is CEO and co-founder of Moz, a Seattle based company focused on building software for marketers.

The Art of SEO

The Art of SEO

The Art of SEO examines the ways that searching has become a part of our every day lives.  Organizations as well as individuals need to have a presence on the web and they need search engine traffic to bring them traffic.  As our society moves towards being professional consumers, we need to understand how search and search engine optimization are the keys to success in the new web economy.  The The Art of SEO begins with understanding search engine basics like how results pages are laid out and how vertical results (or instant answers) fit into results. You’ll also learn how crawling, indexing, and ranking work and how content comes into play in your analysis.  The Art of SEO will explain what content a search engine can see on a web page including alt tags and titles and how important readability is.

Once you understand the basics of search engine optimization, the book delves deeper into using advanced search techniques.  Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms so understanding how they work is important. In order to take advantage of SEO, you need to align your objectives, tactics and strategies to help you reach your goals. You will begin with the first stages of SEO (planning, defining and benchmarking) and then learn about things like keyword research, developing an SEO-friendly website, and creating link worthy content and link marketing.  The role of social media and user data and the part they play in search results and rankings is also discussed.  The Art of SEO explains how to optimize for verticle search and how to track results and measure your success.  Also discussed is domain changes, post SEO redesigns, and troubleshooting.

The Art of SEO is not a beginner’s guide to SEO.  You should really have a fairly firm grasp of what SEO is and feel comfortable making changes to your site to be able to take advantage of all of the information contained in it.  You can also visit for late breaking updates, checklists, worksheets, templates and guides to use along with this book. If you’re looking to take your SEO knowledge to the next level, this book will certainly take you there and beyond.

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  1. Sounds like a book anyone working online should be reading, thanks for the post.
  2. SEO is one area I really need some help in! Thanks for sharing this...I think I will check this out!

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