Aging Eye Problems and the Importance of Vision Care

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of VSP Individual Vision Plans. Aging eye problems can be one of the first changes you notice as you get older. For me, it was squinting a little bit more as I watched television. Then, it was a trip to the eye doctor that ended […]

How Your Diet Affects Your Eye Health

Have you been wondering how your diet supports eye health? It’s no secret that what we eat really does play a part in how healthy we are. I’m sure that you’ve noticed on days that you don’t eat as well, you don’t feel well. That’s one of the ways that our body tells us to […]

Improve Your Eye Health With These 10 Simple Tips

I never gave much thought about how to improve my eye health until about a year ago when I was diagnosed as having the early stages of cataracts. I’m not sure why it took having eye problems for me to start being more curious about eye health, but it did. It turns out that there […]

The Dangers of Blue Light

This post has been sponsored. We all understand the dangers of being exposed to the sun for too long but have you heard about the dangers of blue light?  As a VSP Ambassador, I was sent the below infographic and asked to share the dangers of blue light with you. I’ll admit that I wasn’t […]

When Should I Replace My Contacts – ReplaceMyContacts Com

ReplaceMyContacts Com shared this helpful information with me.  I’ve had glasses since I was about three years old. Everyone in my family has worn glasses at least part of their lives except for my children. I’ve considered getting contact lenses many times but have always wondered when I should replace my contacts. You may also […]