Altoid Tin Crafts to Upcycle Extra Altoid Tins

I’m always looking for Altoid tin crafts because upcycle something that I already have, Altoids tins.  Upcycling is the art of taking something useless or is waste material of some sort into something new.  In this case, I have turned this empty tea tin which is similar in size to an Altoid tin into a […]

Ways to Repurpose Scarves to Accessorize and Decorate

Have you ever wondered how to repurpose scarves? Over the years, I’ve collected dozens of scarves. Some I still wear. But, some are dated, vintage, slightly damaged or just no longer my style. I considered taking them to the thrift store but I decided that I’d rather do something useful with them rather than risk […]

Easter Bunny Candy Holder from a Recycled Glass Jar

This Easter Bunny Candy Holder is a fun way to upcycle a glass jar into something useful. We don’t generally buy holiday decorations because I don’t like to store them for the rest of year. I love Easter lilies but since they are poisonous to animals, I’d rather not bring them into the house to […]