Eating Healthier Meals When You Have No Time to Cook

Eating healthier meals when you have no time to cook isn’t as impossible as you think. I’d love to tell you that seven days a week I prepare healthy and nutritious meals for my family but it isn’t always true.  There are days that I’m not feeling well and days that I forget to defrost […]

4 Easy Ways to Make Bananas Last Longer and Stay Yellow

Are you looking for easy ways to make bananas last longer? If you’re like me, you buy bananas every week at the grocery store. You have great intentions. After all, bananas are high in potassium and they’re good for you. You and the kids should be eating them regularly. But, by the middle of the […]

Sour Cream Cooking Tips & Contest

This post has been sponsored. There are a few things that I always have on hand in the refrigerator. They’re the staples of my menu plan and things that I use regularly to create fast, healthy meals that everyone loves. Fresh herbs, ground beef, rice and sour cream are just a few of my must-have […]

Budgeting Tips | Living Simply to Save Money

I’m sharing a few budgeting tips that Marty and I use to live on a salary that many feel isn’t enough to support a family of four. Living simply to save money is one of the methods that we use to make this possible.  No, we don’t sit in the dark in the living room […]

Tips for Walking with Heel Pain on Vacation

Product provided. A few years ago, I noticed my heel hurt occasionally. I didn’t think much of it. I thought maybe I had stepped on a rock or something and not noticed it.  Eventually, instead of my heel hurting occasionally, it started hurting all the time. I wasn’t able to walk barefoot any longer and […]

Eat Local – 5 Easy Ways to Find Locally Grown Food

Eat local. It seems like everywhere I turn lately, I hear about the importance of eating more local food. It’s fresher and, therefore, healthier.  It requires less transportation and, therefore, is better for the environment. Even though I live in rural Vermont, eating locally can be a challenge sometimes. 5 Easy Ways to Find Locally […]