Planting Trees in the Spring: What You Need to Start

If you’re thinking about planting trees in the spring, check out this post. I’m sharing my experience and what you need to start. I’m in zone 4 in rural Vermont. So, my experiences will be based on where I live. You may need to tailor them slightly for your planting zone.This post may be sponsored. […]

Dandelion Green Recipe and Cooking Dandelion Greens

Do you have a favorite dandelion green recipe? I look forward to the first dandelions I see appear in my front yard. And, if you enjoy cooking dandelion greens, chances are you do too.This post may be sponsored. Post contains affiliate links. I may be compensated if you make a purchase using my link. Cooking […]

DIY Crafts Paper Flowers to Make at Home for Spring

Now, if you enjoy DIY crafts, you need to check out these simple paper flowers to make. By March, I’m starting to feel like spring will never arrive. Our front yard is a mix of brown grass, mud, and dirty snow. There are definitely no flowers in sight.This post may be sponsored. Post contains affiliate […]

Best Fall Bulbs for Spring Blooms and Vibrant Colors

Fall is a busy time in the garden. Not only do you need to clean up any flowers that have died, but you also need to plant the best fall bulbs for spring blooms. In Vermont, the bulbs we plant in the fall are the ones that will grow when spring arrives. This post was originally […]

How to Use Seed Balls and DIY Clay Seed Bombs

Have you ever wondered how to use seed balls? I’ve seen seed ball recipes on Pinterest before but I have never been quite sure how to use them. I’ve always started my garden with seeds or plants in the past. This spring, I decided I wanted to learn how to make a seed ball and […]

How to Choose the Best Portable Greenhouse for Spring

Spring is almost here, and I can’t wait to get out in the garden again. I’ve been wondering about the best portable greenhouse for spring planting. We aren’t interested in adding any more permanent structures to our property. They require upkeep, and they need to be mowed around all year. Instead, I’ve decided that a […]

Strawberry Rhubarb Compote Recipe for a Springtime Dessert

You are going to love this strawberry rhubarb compote recipe! So you may remember me telling you about the HUGE rhubarb plant we have.  The thing about rhubarb is that it gets bigger every single year. There is only so much that I can do with rhubarb so I am always on the search for […]

How to Sterilize Soil to Save Time Starting Seeds for Your Garden

Do you know how to sterilize soil? Spring is here and it’s time to get those seeds and plants into the garden. Many people think that gardening has to be an expensive task. It really doesn’t. Most of what my family plants in our garden we start from seeds inside. Buying a dozen tomato plants […]

What to Plant in Window Boxes for Spring

Have you ever wondered what to plant in window boxes for spring along the front of your home? I have always thought that window boxes were a gorgeous landscaping accent. Plus, they are much easier to care for than a traditional flower bed because there is less weeding involved. I’m considering adding a few window […]

How to Start Seeds For Your Garden Inside

Do you know how to start seeds for your garden inside? In Vermont, our growing season is fairly short.  Because of that, many vegetables need to be planted as plants directly into the garden after the last frost date which for us is May 25th.  These plants tend to include vegetables like tomato, pepper, Brussels […]